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It’s a new sensation that HTC fetches through HTC Explorer

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HTC Explorer Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 13,550

Our Price : Rs. 11,100

Visiting the links that RightShopping.in has maintained has always been useful for your purpose, in particular the electronic appliances. The HTC Smartphones have always been your trusted electronic assistance, and RightShopping.in will further strengthen this belief, the reason being the presence of HTC Explorer for you. HTC has been a frontrunner in the Smartphone market, especially when it comes to the Android OS. It's no surprise then that its newest offering in this burgeoning space is the affordable HTC Explorer. Targeted at the entry-level customers, here is a phone that offers a somewhat powerful interior with a glitzy exterior. The best and most distinctive feature of the Explorer's design is the strip of gold that runs down its back, enveloping the camera lens. This gives the phone a classy edge. Additionally, snap-on covers in white, orange, purple, and blue are available. Those looking for their very first Android Smartphone can enjoy a full list of features such as mobile email, browsing, Facebook, Twitter and GPS - to name but a few. However, the more experienced users will notice a distinct lack of screen quality and blurring of text on web pages, especially in the corners of the screen. There is much to ask of the modest 600MHz processor, but only the occasional judder reminds us of its limitations with the phone performing relatively well during most tasks. Running the Explorer is the 2.3.5 Gingerbread version of Android, whilst the user interface comes in the form of HTC Sense 3.5 that now includes a new locked screen. This allows for one-touch access to contacts, messages, mail and camera whilst the phone is locked. The handset's proverbial home screen has also been simplified, but it lacks only the lavish transition effects and animations of its supercilious siblings. These compromises continue to diminish the phone's ultimate specifications where the in-built memory is just 512MB. There is still full access to the Android Marketplace and with the amount of free apps on offer, you might find a 32GB microSD card is essential. While it’s bound to heat up the affordable Smartphone segment, the Explorer has some stiff competition in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Y, which offers a faster CPU at a price point that’s Rs 2500 lower, but sacrifices a GPS and opts for an inferior camera. Having said that, if you prefer interface and some extra features over performance, then the HTC Explorer is a good introduction to the world of affordable Androids. Just watch www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010686&item=HTC Explorer Mobile%20Phone to get it onto your pocket.

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