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iBall makes it easy for your age-old close terms

Saturday, February 25, 2012

iBall Senior Aasaan Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 3,499

Our Price : Rs. 3,028

When it’s about the right kind of mobile phone for the age-old people, one fundamental thing you are to keep in mind. May be you are a tech savvy and can get into the hi-fi mobile operation features within seconds, but please remember, those who are old, aren’t going to respond the same way. They need something that works instantly, yet very much fundamental to use, and iBall is the brand to look at, that RightShopping.in has brought to you. iBall Senior Aasaan mobile phone black is optimized and designed for elderly and aged people do not come for many features built into it as is quite obvious due to its category of targeted users and their requirements. As such, the mobile phone comes with a 1.6-inch screen which is of the type mono display and has some relatively larger sized keypad, large buttons and also considerably larger fonts to make using it comfortable for weaker eyes. It comes with some type of classical games and an FM radio with speaker support. The most featured item in this mobile handset is that of a SOS button positioned on the back of the device which can alert the nearby people in times of any danger or serious needs and also automatically message and call few predefined numbers in a sequence until it gets any response from the other end. iBall has been very popular company with computer and laptop accessories and now they have launched their new mobile phones. One of the new phones launched is the iBall Senior Aasaan. iBall offers tribute to respected elders with the easy to use Aasaan phones. A specially designed phone with large keypad, enhanced sound, wire free FM and an exclusive SOS button helps empower our seniors. The phone is very well built and feels very sturdy and durable. The keys are what the phone is worth purchasing. Large and soft and the response is good. The SOS function is innovative. Pressing it automatically sends sms to 5 pre-defined people and starts calling them one by one. Also the mobile makes an alarming sound to alert the people nearby. The torch is average but having a dedicated button for it is nice. Also there is a dedicated side button to lock/unlock the keypad. The FM radio is loud and works without having to plug in the earphones. Overall the phone is very good and one will not regret purchasing it. Although a little steep in price, it’s still worth for its simplicity.

Just the visit here at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100009879&item=iBall Senior Aasaan Mobile Phone and gift it to your senior pro.

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