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It’s a smart shopping way when you go online

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Literally, it’s just the labor of a button press that brings the entire world right in front of you. The invention of Internet has provided a great launching pad in the field of communication, and business through Internet mode has grown significantly in the past few years. With the expansion of Internet connection, there is scope for the business organizations to reach more and more number of clients. For success in any business, the ease of reaching the clients and communicating about the existing products/services plays the key role, and Internet powered business mode is really the one to check out for in this matter. From the client point of view, well, the benefit is mutual there as well. Without having to visit the shops personally, you can sit, have a sip in coffee and relax, can visit the respective sites that house your desired products, and once you are done, you just place your order, and you are done with the shopping headaches. Just a matter of few minutes and its over. Really cool and amazing, isn’t it?

Online shopping is something really straightforward to you. If you are seller, this is the mode of shopping you must wish to concentrate upon. Think a little. As a producer / merchandiser, you aim to lift the profit margin, but you have restrictions. The restrictions of price constraints are of sheer importance here. Price is directly proportional with the cost of your service/products, and besides the manufacturing (if you produce the goods as well), several elements of cost are there to consider. The distribution cost is perhaps the most important of them all, and more you wish to develop to grow your network, more will be costing. For every development, in terms of choosing the distributors, retailers, franchisees, it adds to your costing, and simultaneously, there is probability that you will have to make up the costing by increasing your price. Certainly not a wise idea to implement, because clients will always prefer the products which are of the same qualities, but pinches less to the pocket. Once you are increasing the price, you are out of the competition, and that’s the place where the concept of online marketing bats for you. When you are promoting your products/services online, it’s just a one time cost that you are to bear. You just design your site accordingly that gives the detail of the products/services offered, and that’s the cost of promotion only, and this cost element is way bellow than what you were supposed to bear, in case you had to depend on the distributors/retailers to promote your products. Once your site is designed and posted in the Internet, your headache is almost done. Only the Internet makes it possible to compare prices of 10 different distributors of a hot tub without ever leaving the comfort of our home. Some sites offer cost comparisons within a single site, allowing a person to designate an item and to then see prices from several discount online merchants. The internet users are certainly several times than what your distributor could offer you, and now, rather than developing the distribution channels, you just concentrate on building the delivering centres. Once the offerings go online, news don’t take much time to spread, and orders will just pour on. Now, you have put a check on the costing parameters, and once you have reduced the cost element, without having to alter the price level, you still can have your profit margin intact. In fact, you can afford to reduce your price level as well, or can offer healthy discounts to make your deal more lucrative to the potential clients. A great news for your business, and that’s the benefit online shopping can reach to your business.

Heading to the buyers point of view, online shopping gives a fair deal to your shopping activities. You have the chance to free your shopping acts, and online shopping is tool for you to go free on that. The first and immediate benefit that online shopping gives you is the time saving benefit. Without having to visit the shopping malls and spending hours in the middle, yet no certainty of getting your desired product, online shopping benefit has made it history. This observation is very much relevant, in particular in India, where the big shots in FMCG as well as Consumer benefit services are keen to operate, thanks to the huge client base India is blessed with. You aren’t required to go to the cyber cafe or have internet connections at home to get the benefit of internet connections, your GPRS powered mobile phone can give you the internet access, and hence, you are connected from every corner, every moment. Just get the connection on, and the entire shopping world unfolds before you, with plenty of options to choose from. You just visit the respective shopping site, choose, place your order, and the chosen product is right on your platter. Besides instant communication, and more knowledge at our fingertips than we could ever read, the Internet offers us an ease of shopping never before available, especially when shopping for hot tubs. It’s as if a magic genie has given us all our shopping wishes: optimum choice, access no matter the location, and the best of prices.

Some interesting facts are there for the Online shopping trends in India. Indians are one of the most online shopping savvy people when it comes to using credit cards since 84 per cent of Indian online shoppers did so just behind Turkish online shoppers who topped global rankings for credit card usage (91 per cent) for online purchases followed by 86 per cent of Irish online shoppers. While globally books, electronics items along with clothes are mostly bought over the net, 70 per cent of the Indians who are active on the web world said they bought airline tickets/reservations on the Internet in the last three months. Among Internet users, the highest percentage shopping online is found in South Korea, where 99 per cent of those with Internet access have used it to shop, followed by the UK, Germany and Japan with 97 per cent each with the US eighth, at 94 percent. Globally, the most popular and purchased items over the Internet are Books (41 per cent purchased in the past three months), Clothing/Accessories/Shoes (36 per cent), Videos / DVDs / Games (24 per cent), Airline Tickets (24 per cent) and Electronic Equipment (23 per cent). Interestingly, a majority of consumers also said they shop online to purchase products that cannot be found in malls and the local markets. Mumbai was on top among the 5 leading cities in online shopping in India, which is set to become the third largest nation of Internet users in the next two years with a large chunk of youngsters eager to adopt new technologies with rapidly changing lifestyles. Not surprisingly, if analyzed from a wider perspective online shopping holds a huge potential in India. Numerous e-commerce analysts and researchers are of opinion, that it has the potential to reach about $100 billion or more in the forthcoming years. There are several enterprises, of both small as well as large scale, that are willing to experiment with idea of B2C and B2B websites on the internet in a huge way.

Because buying on the Internet eliminates the need for an actual store location and staffing, prices are often at a considerable discount. Whether you are buying large items for health purposes, such as a hot tub to help your arthritis or fibromyalgia or buying something small for spiritual purposes, such as a tiny bronze Buddha, or a medium item for purely decorative purposes, such as a brightly colored abstract framed jazz poster, all can usually be found at a fraction of the cost you might expect to pay if you purchased them in a specialty store. Another benefit of doing online shopping India is the ability to find various ratings or evaluations of the products you are thinking about purchasing. Frequently web sites will offer various customer rankings and even customer reviews of the products, as well as web sites that offer more objective evaluations of items. Researching what you are buying can help guide your final choice, and in the end can lead to increased satisfaction with your ultimate decision.

Another factor that has been holding people back from indulging in online shopping in India is the inhibited mindset. People unwillingly give into ambiguous beliefs of the products sold online not being of proper quality and faulty billing systems. Online shopping portals today practice stringent and systematized billing processes and the products offered are of the same quality akin to that of a mall. Sometimes, online shopping websites offer attractive discounts and packages and display products or gadgets that are otherwise not available in the shopping marts. Given the present situation, where online shopping in India developing gradually, people purchase objects such as electronic gadgets, books, air and rail tickets, attires and designer apparels, audio cassettes, CD’s, computer peripherals, online gifts, showpieces, paintings, gift vouchers, gift articles and many others. However, if developed and operated correctly there could be other luxury as well as necessity products too that can be purchased online. Most online shopping websites in India offer detailed product information so that a customer can take time to read and select the item that best fits his bill. A greater advantage that online shopping has over conventional shopping is that you can shop anytime from anywhere. You can access it 24x7 within the comfort zone of your home. This is apt for customers who are frequent travelers or keep a busy schedule and does not have much time to be in the mall to shop. In addition to that, there is a 24x7 customer care service to address all your queries.

It was meant to be a portal that compared different e-commerce websites; only there weren't enough of them to be compared. Thus was born RightShopping.in making sure that online shopping would never be the same again in India. RightShopping.in is a global online marketplace where practically anyone can shop practically anything in available category of products. It is undoubtedly is a platform for the purchase of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and businesses. In the last one year, RightShopping.in has become one of the most popular destination for personalized products in the country. The website is becoming hugely popular for various products in the various categories like Books, Camera, Computers, Laptops, Home & Kitchen Appliances, iPod / MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, Movie, Music & Games, Office Gadgets, Health Care Items, Personal Care Items, Jewellery, Leather Items, Perfumes, Watches, Saree, Salwar, Lahenga & Tunics, Toys & Games and Flowers & Gift Items for national & international customers. If you are looking for a website, which is a one stop destination for these kind of products, then RightShopping.in has to be your destination. Although being a new player in the trade, this online shopping concern is emerging fast, and is sure to give the established names a run for their money.

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  1. Online shopping facility that RightShopping.in provides is really a welcome boost for the shoppers. Not just because all the leading brands are under the single roof, but also because the shopping facility in the form of discounts, price leverage, brand specifications and so on. Really it’s a shopping carnival that www.rightshopping.in has resulted.

  2. It’s as if a magic genie has given us all our shopping wishes: optimum choice, access no matter the location, and the best of prices.

  3. 1. Check website and computer security
    2. Check on the business and the product
    3. Read the fine print
    4. Pay safely and keep records of your purchase
    5. Check your bank statements
    6. Protect your privacy

  4. Online shopping have come a long way in last 5 years. It is now more secure, reliable and trusted.