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Samsung smokes the stylus with Galaxy Note N7000 version

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 34,990

Our Price : Rs. 32,333

Gadget wonders from RightShopping.in is always something that one can say rollicking, and Samsung Galaxy Note N 700 is truly the hands down winner in uplifting that spirit. It really makes you to dream big, studded with the rocking features that makes this stuff an instant mind blower. It comes with a large 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED Touch screen to give you unmatched viewing experience. It provides you the best multi-input experience with an included S Pen stylus that will help you jot down notes, note any random ideas, sign documents electronically and do a lot more. Explore a world of exciting applications and games with the Android 2.3 platform. Enjoy ultimate speed and performance with its 1.4GHz processor. Clicking hi-res pictures is easy on its 8MP camera and get smart self-portraits using the 2MP front camera. Record videos in high-definition and feel the difference. The Note also offers smart multimedia options for your entertainment. Store all your photos, videos, games and more on its expandable 32GB memory. The Galaxy Note comes with a stylus, named the "S-Pen", which works with a couple of pre-installed apps and is similar to what we saw on the HTC Flyer. The first of these is S-Memo, an app that lets you draw and write notes. You can bring up the app at anytime by holding down the button on the stylus and double-tapping the screen. You can use the stylus similarly to navigate the UI as well and also take screenshots and then make notes or draw over the captured image. A smartphone with large screen like the Galaxy Note requires a powerful battery to meet your needs efficiently. This phone is powered by a Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery is capable of giving you a long talk time. The Social Hub feature supports Facebook and Twitter along with a long list of other applications like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk and Instant messenger that will entertain you and keep you close to friends on demand. The S Memo feature is another feature that lets you make a note of handwritten notes, typed text, drawings, videos, music and more, so your ideas never escape you. A GPS enabled on the Samsung Galaxy Note will guide your path and take you to every place you want to go. This feature gives you the liberty to explore and get away to any place without having to worry about getting lost. The Android Market preloaded on the phone can be accessed to download all the applications you want to make your everyday life easier.

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