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Videocon triggers a tri-fold Bazoomba effect in low cost mobiles

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Videocon Bazoomba V1414

Videocon Bazoomba V1533

Videocon Bazoomba V1635

Unit Price: Rs. 2,490

Unit Price: Rs. 2,590

Unit Price: Rs. 2,890

Our Price : Rs. 1,995

Our Price : Rs. 2,095

Our Price : Rs. 2,195

It’s the quality that you put above everything, and when the quality parameters are assured to meet your preference level, you aren’t bothered about the price to pay for that. Well, for Videocon, you got one more, because you are getting the edge over the other mobile sets in terms of the specification details, as well as the price leverage. Videocon is spearheading the low cost mobile set trends, and upon visiting the respective links that RightShopping.in maintains in this regard is a definite opportunity you will not be missing out by any means. Your shopping starts with Videocon V1414 mobile set, the one that the link at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010837&item=Videocon%20V1414%20Mobile%20Phone house for you. This dual SIM enabled hardy set is capable enough to stand the mechanical stresses and the 2” TFT high resolution screen is clear enough to give you the proper displaying. The memory size is far above the decent size, and 8GB expandability is really too much of memory advantage for a mobile set coming bellow 2k, thanks to the lucrative discount options that RightShopping.in has in offer for this set. Embedded with the GPRS browser and connectivity, this set gives you the fundamental level of net surfing experience, again too good for a set in this price range. You can load and play your favorite mp3 files with the superb sound output, both with or without headphones, and the discussion about Videocon V1414 mobile set is incomplete without mentioning the battery powers. You can enjoy long hours of game playing, as well as 4.5 hours of battery talk time available with this set.

Just the same manner, if you are looking for a set that serves the basics of your mobile phone operation, you get another gift that RightShopping.in has in place for you. You have Videocon V1533 mobile set that www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010841&item=Videocon%20V1533%20Mobile%20Phone house for you, and make no mistake, it’s a phone with great features coming to you without resulting a hole in your pocket, and just like other set ranges in the Videocon Bazoomba series, this set is hard as well to stand the rough handling. This is a dual SIM enabled set as well, and the camera power of 1.3MP is impressive enough to take good care of your favorite picturesque moments. You could further benefit from the high quality picture resolution and the digital zooming quality, and the facility of video recording in 3GP format is sure to give you added advantage. For the multimedia files, this set supports mp3, mp4 as well, and you’ll be getting FM radio in this set as well. You get GPRS connectivity here, and the WAP browser is set to give you fast Internet surfing experience. And again, the battery power is ready to last your mobile operation long, be it the game playing, or the long hours of talking, or the music playing.

And the final touch in this low cost mobile shopping bonanza that Videocon has resulted for you is given by Videocon V1635 that www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010906&item=Videocon%20V1635%20Mobile%20Phone kept for you. The Videocon V1635 is a dual SIM - dual standby mobile that has been especially designed for the music buffs who love to party loud. It even has FM radio and recording for the days when long to steal a few moments just for yourself. It lends a new definition to your multimedia experience with its 2.4-inch QVGA Display. The 2MP camera comes handy whenever the clicking mood sets in. It also allows you to record videos and share them with your friends via Bluetooth. It has an expandable memory of 4GB T Flash Expandable memory to support diverse collections your multimedia files.

Besides these all, this Bazoomba series comes with additional feature richness in terms of 1500mA Li battery that gives you a huge 6 hours of battery talk time. Truly, these three musketeers is all set to give your low cost shopping for mobiles a good worth of your valued money, with certainty.

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