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Capture the best parts of your life with the super Sony Handycams and enjoy the life in your own way with your beloved memories

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sony DCR-SX45 Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX130 Camcorder

Sony DCR-SX44 Camcorder

Unit Price : Rs. 15,990

Unit Price : Rs. 22,990

Unit Price : Rs. 15,665

Our Price : Rs. 15,200

Our Price : Rs. 22,250

Our Price : Rs. 13,650

Sony Camcorder : More

Let the cheerful moments be alive in the images that God has created for you. Do not forget what your eyes have witnessed, the beauty of nature or the love of the people. Tears will roll down your eyes when you will lust for the moments to be back in your life in your lonely hours.....

It is often that you miss many moments in your life and want them to happen again and again so that you keep on enjoying those beautiful hours. The unforgettable moments are something priceless in your life and you will always love to adore these sweet times that your well wishers create in your life. Your family plays a big role in your life. It is the institution where you are nurtured to make you the best among all. Parents, cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, who are the most important part of your life. You spent so many wonderful hours with them. It may be a funny birthday celebration, a full recreation filled outing or any small family gathering. Remember how much you enjoy doing preparations upto the late night with your cousins to give a surprise gift to your parents. Even the dance floors that rocked with you and your friends matching up the hip-hop steps call you when you are most lonely in your life. Your life is running fast and it is very hard for you to sometime cope up with it and so in utter hurriness you may leave little sweet things behind and go ahead. At times you may wonder for the past which you want to relive once again and want to be among the people you love the most. You may not be able to do that always but can capture them into your mind and soul and frame them into pictures with the help of a camera or can see the repeat of the actions by recording it with a video camera.

Earlier the people didn’t have any way else than capturing the images but with the advancement of the technology, new operations were invented in the camera and slowly people were able to record the live actions of your with the other people which you want to always remember. You can do this with the help of the Handycams made by the best company in the world, that is Sony. Sony has produced some wonderful Handycams for years and so has in return given a good service to the people by producing the magnificent images. Sony is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for broadcast and professional products. Established in the year 1946, this company has manufactured many innovative and reliable quality products. In November 1994, Sony was launched in India and within few months it gained the momentum and became a common name in very house of India. Sony is a change setter in the Indian technical market where it introduced a huge range of products and in a complete new version. It has made its value felt with the quality products that it has produced. The Sony Handycam that is the Camcorder series have set a benchmark with the quality videos it produces. Everything fades away in life but only the memory remains with you. The true 3D videos are captured by the Handycam which are displayed with bright colours due to super resolution. These Handycams give multidimensional filming effects. The fantastic LCD screens made of 3D glass execute stunning 3D videos. You will simply love to appreciate the videos you capture and will preserve them as your fondest memory. Each and every quality of the Sony Handycams are mind blowing. The BIONZ processor set in the handycams executes the images and videos in a super fast way. The features like flash mode, face detection, red eye detection, USB and zoom during recording works super.

These Handycams are the best friends you can have at the hour of need as you can enjoy seeing the videos of the wonderful moments that you may once live and can keep it alive in your memory. They are the best partners that accompany you when you are traveling and want to capture the nature’s beauty around you. So cheer up with this wonderful gift from Sony that will change your boring days or the lonely hours full with beautiful stories of past that the videos and pictures will silently speak to you. In order to have these best Handycams you will have to visit www.rightshopping.in and go on enjoying every bit of your life in your own way.

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CK FREE from Calvin Klein is meant for the free spirited men

Friday, March 30, 2012


MRP : Rs. 1895

Our Price : Rs. 1800

Calvin Klein Perfumes : More

The importance of perfumes dates back to few thousand years back. Even today also we appreciate good fragrance. Perfumes too have traveled a long way since its origin. Now in present day it has turned to be the most important fashion accessory. Style statement of modern age men remains incomplete with ultimate touch of perfumes. It has become the part and parcel of our attire. Aromas have always attracted humans and we strive to find smells that make us more attractive. The nicer the smell the more attractive we find the person. Perfumes will be selected according to your personality or keeping your own body smell in mind. Perfumes have acquired a very important position in the men fashion statement as application of the right perfume transforms a man and gives him enough confidence to win the hearts of others. Perfumery brands have realised the fact that perfumes are now not restricted among women only and men too are using it profusely. So now all the reputed brands have launched separate men line of perfumes too. Many male perfume brands are now available in the market. But brand CALVIN KLEIN has spread its aroma almost everywhere wherever it has traveled. Calvin Klein is a legendary brand from USA Perfumes represented from this brand has received high accolades from all its users. Calvin Klein perfumes have matched the right chord of every man. CK FREE as inspired by the spirit of the freedom speaks to the to the excitement associated with opening your mind to new possibilities and venturing into unchartered territory. Simple but subtly sensuous, this fragrance is all about being confident in a real and approachable way. The first glance of the bottle of this perfume is a simple transparent one but will grab your attention instantly by its elegant simplicity. The scent of CK FREE is bound make a longlasting impression with so many added notes. The use of this perfume in your daily life marks the beginning of your free spirited journey. The strong masculine scent of this perfume is bound to turn your lady on within fragments of a minute. Moreover it sports a very carefree and casual spirit. This unique fragrance will make you smell distinctly from the others. Highly appealing for the women as it contains some floral notes. Women will be bound to be addicted towards the men wearing this perfume. The leading notes of absynth, juniper berries and jackfruit flower gives CK FREE a unique smell that is truly captivating and energetic. Refreshing smell is good to use for casual purposes like while holidaying or hanging around with your friends.

A highly rated perfume that has earned great responses from its users, critics and reviewers has made a prestigious position in the list of popular Calvin Klein list of perfumes for men. Brand conscious perfume buyers have a look at this CK FREE in this link www.rightshopping.in/perfume/p_d.asp?pid=PFCN0001130&item=CK FREE by CALVIN KLEIN for Men. Men are you worried about how to make your first impression a long lasting one?? Women are you too thinking to gift your men a perfume and highly confused with the brands? RightShopping.in has the solution of both of yours problems. Both can go for this free spirited perfume from Calvin Klein that will make men all the more attractive.

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Karbonn is one of the top brands in the booming “Made in India” mobile market

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karbonn K 550i Mobile Phone

Karbonn K515 Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 3,390

Unit Price : Rs. 2,990

Our Price : Rs. 2,295

Our Price : Rs. 1,890

Karbonn Mobile Phones : More

Three years back many new companies came out in the Indian market with a view of making their own handsets and today they have captured a good percentage of the Indian mobile market. Low cost mobiles are gaining a breathtaking customer’s likeness in India with a good amount of electronic upgradations.

Launched in the year 2009, Karbonn has made a good impact in the field of communications. The growing demand of dual SIM mobiles in the market and at a moderate cost have made the phone companies bring change in the system of the phones they produce and include the ongoing demand in the mobiles. There are number of connate companies booming out day by day in India. Karbonn and some others are in the race to make their own niche in the country and it is quite visible that they are going to achieve the target soon and will capture the major telecom sector in the country. The most successful among the other companies in India, Karbonn does more than six lakh sales in a month.

"I thought of building my own home, rather than living in a rented house. I had enough experience to take the risk and my children had also grown up," says the gallant entrepreneur, Hasija, the brainchild behind the Karbonn mobiles.

The visibility in the rural areas, after sales services and low price points are some of the basic reasons for which Karbonn has grown fast in the phone market in India and has left behind the others. As in India the major part is under rural sector so it is necessary to spread the services in these parts in order to be the best among all. The people of these areas mostly carry on their livelihood on agriculture and small scale industries. For this reason the earnings of the people residing in these parts are not at high level, and for this reason they can only afford the low range mobiles which are easily affordable and have some good features like FM, Camera, Video recording, MP3 Player, internet, Bluetooth etc. Today the people not only want to just communicate or nor do they look mobiles with one such age old notion but to them now mobiles mean something more with a lot of upgraded attributes in it. The Karbonn mobiles have all these features in them. The best is the low price mechanism that has driven it into higher slots in the country market and is making good earning everyday. Karbonn has made a good impact in the rural India and so many people prefer today this brand which gives a lot of features at a low price. The Kabonn K515 and Karbonn K550i are the two latest mobiles that Karbonn has launched recently. Both the mobiles have a standard battery with dual SIM facilities. Large and clear display screen, 4GB memory cards, games, JAVA and Bluetooth are all accessible in the mobiles. WAP Browsers can also be accessed in the mobiles. These mobiles also store camera facilities and so the people also have an opportunity to capture images of their choice. The agnostic approach of the Indian customers have today left behind the branded companies like Nokia and so to be in the competitive Indian mobile market the companies need to carry on with a proper quality of services, distribution channels and post sale services in order to be in the top preference in the market and Karbonn is one such brand which is doing the work.

You can visit the www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100000589&item=Karbonn K 550i Mobile Phone and www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100008902&item=Karbonn K515 Mobile Phone sites to get the full specifications of the mobiles and can select some good quality phones that are in demand in the market and are the home made pieces. Regarding the delivery, you can trust us as we have earned a good name from the last few years since we started to serve you. We have branches all round the country and so can deliver your chosen item anywhere you want.

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Karbonn K2 and K9 Sports fantastic attributes with the Latest technology at an affordable price

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Karbonn K-2 Mobile Phone

Karbonn K9 Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 2,390

Unit Price : Rs. 2,490

Our Price : Rs. 1,690

Our Price : Rs. 1,750

Karbonn Mobile Phones : More

Communication is the lifeline of happiness and you are healthy when you are a happy person from within. Loneliness is the worst thing you can have sometime in your life and what do you intend to do at that time? You may listen to music or you may glance at the old moments captured in the frames or you may wish to talk with someone. The best way to pass down your boring hours is to share your thoughts with your friends and to do that you can give a call to your good old friends. Schooldays are the best days for you all and so are the youthful college days where you do all activities full of pranks. The funny acts of the school hours where you made so many mischievous acts with your childhood friends behind the eyes of your teachers. Sometime you planned to pull legs of your friends and sometime mimicking the act of friends and teachers. The early morning meetings with all in the school buses or the college canteen chat with music and enthusiasms. Make them alive once again and be in touch with the best people in your life. Take the new Karbonn K2 or the Karbonn K9 mobiles that you can easily afford during your student life because of their moderate ranges. Don’t forget the colourful days of your life and hold them with your friends who are there to amuse you when you are alone and fill the world around you with humours, funny fights and laugh. We here at the RightShopping.in take care of your these little lovely moments and so try to give you small tokens of happiness. You can get an array of products that we have been providing for years and you can trust us if you are looking for a trustworthy Karbonn mobile. The Karbonn K2 and Karbonn K9 are the two best mobiles that we think is worth buying at present. These sport a lot of features in them and are built up with good and standard batteries that will allow you to talk for good long hours. Both have a glossy and good TFT display screens that executes menus or images with a high resolution that give you a chance to capture good pictures and record videos of the cheerful days in your life so that you can keep on cherishing them later on. The phones are of good quality though they don’t belong to the elegant series of phones that will posses multiple features. There are some other features in the phones that are quite good to entertain you in between the busy work hours. There are FM Radios, Bluetooth and USB that will give you a good break from your routine periods and will take you to a better and a relaxing state. You will get a chance to entertain yourself and you will gain the energy to do your works in a better way. The GPRS and WAP Browsers work fine in these mobiles and for this the network connections provided by the phones are great. The entire menus work fine regulated by a smooth working keypad. Karbonn, born in 2009 has already made a good place in the Indian and world market for its productions of mobiles that are affordable at low cost but packed with latest technology. Many of the customers who have bought Karbonn mobiles are satisfied with the services they got at the moderate rates. Getting 2G and 3G services at such a low rate is great as far as the other features of the mobiles work fine for good period of time. Get these mobiles with a smart outlook and features that will make you happy with your choice. To get it you don’t need to go anywhere to buy. 

RightShopping.in provides you with a one stop solution where you just need to click on the sites, www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010913&item=Karbonn K2 Mobile Phone and www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010914&item=Karbonn K9 Mobile Phone and select the best one for you that will only cost few pennies from your pocket money. You can get your products from anywhere in India as we are here to provide you a safe and good delivery so that you can have your desired products on time. We have been providing customers round the country and world with their desired items in a graceful manner and so you can also be assured to get the same service. You are sure to get the best network connection in the Karbonn phones and can use the features of the phone very easily, which will make your daily purposes fulfilled then be it a call to someone or capturing a beautiful moment or recording a video or playing a song, everything is there to satisfy you.

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Philips Steam Irons have made life hassle free smoothening off all the unwanted wrinkles

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Philips GC1010 Steam Iron

Phillips GC1610/22 Steam Iron

Phillips GC 1115 Steam Iron

Phillips GC1621/22 Steam Iron

Unit Price: Rs. 1,235

Unit Price: Rs. 1,895

Unit Price: Rs. 1,735

Unit Price: Rs. 2,195

Our Price : Rs. 1,161

Our Price : Rs. 1,650

Our Price : Rs. 1,695

Our Price : Rs. 1,950

The main utility of ironing is to flatten and remove the wrinkles of the fabric by applying heat. Clothes iron is an appliance that helps us in ironing. When you appear wearing a well-ironed wrinkle free shirt to your workplace then it leaves a good impression. Mostly we like to see people dressed appropriately and with the wrinkles creased out using suitable Iron. This not only adds to the charm but also enhances the impact of the person has on people around him. A neat formal wear reflects the depth of your personality. It gives importance to your attire and presentability. Being well groomed is etiquette, and what better way to show off this trait than by wearing nicely ironed outfits. The steam, the repeated yet gentle movements and watching the unwanted folds disappearing from the surface of your clothes gives a rather soothing effect on anyone who appreciates neatly ironed clothes. Thus Iron forms an important part of household appliance. Sending your cherished clothes to dry-cleaners often gives you average results like blurred shine, shrunken collars and broken buttons. Doing it by yourself at home will give much better result. Your shirt or dress will be in the exact way you want it to be. Irons are available in many forms like electric Iron, steam Iron and spray Iron. Iron has evolved several years back from simple objects made of metal. The invention of steam Iron has made the task of ironing all the more easily. The steam literally opens the weave of the fabric which makes it easier to Iron out creases. More steam and more easier the task becomes. The best modern day steam Irons have large reservoirs for water, the ability to shoot a spray of water, and even a self-cleaning feature. All the available steam Irons in the market fail to respond with perfect conveyance to its customers. Philips is the most reliable brand. Steam Irons of Philips have gained fair reviews from all customers. These Irons are a pressurised steam generator that makes your clothes absolutely crease-free making you look chic and smart. With a large range of high quality and reliable steam Irons Philips meet up all your desired ironing needs. This brand provides us with extreme light-weighted user friendly Irons. Some popular Philips steam Iron models available in the market include Philips GC 1621/22, GC 1115, GC 1010 and GC 1610/22. RightShopping.in is the site where you can go through the details of these most useful home appliances.

Sprinkling water by hand while ironing our school dress was a common sight during our childhood times. Our dear mothers use to bear the pain of making them look smooth. But the scene has changed with the arrival of the new steam irons in the market. This lightweight iron will save your arms from paining even after you iron a heap of clothes. Irons have come a long way from heavy bulky hot metal things to sleek looking cool touch lightweight device. A steam iron works by facilitating the controlled release of water onto the heated soleplate that is the metal plate present in the steam iron. It is mainly made up of aluminium. As you know, this happens by pressing a button on top of the iron hand piece. Embedded thermostat in the iron allows maintaining a constant temperature while ironing clothes so that they are well pressed. The required temperature can be set by the users for ironing any kind of cloth material. Before beginning the process you simply need to select the option available in the dial of the iron. All these Philips models can hold water upto 150ml approximately. The water tank has an indicator measuring water. You can iron easily all types of dress materials. The electrical power chord attached with the iron is made up of heat resistant insulation negating the chances of electrocution. This iron is highly effective on even tough fabrics like cotton or linen. All these irons appear in soothing colours and have a highly impressive appearance. These irons have continuous high steam ejection feature. It removes wrinkles all the more effectively. Good vent design provides efficient and continuous outlet of steam. Ceralon soleplate allows the iron to glide smoothly through the curves of the clothes. Thermal fuse will give additional safety from shock and burn.

Philips irons work smoothly on your clothes to provide you with the optimum satisfying result. Philips irons have turned ironing into a dream like experience because of its lightweight and easy to handle facility. Light and effective ironing in a single glide retains the perfect texture and quality of your clothes. Highly effective home appliance. Whether you want to look perfect for your office or conferences, stylish freaking out with your friends, if you want to look glamorous or make your attire attractive for your first date, Philips steam irons are the ideal solution of all the situations. When comes to maintain the quality of the clothes and special attires in the perfect way you want-the desirable answer is Philips Irons. The brand you can rely on blindfold. For further detailed information do check out www.rightshopping.in. All homemakers do have a look and unfold the wrinkles of your forehead as there is a solution of your ironing problem. Get the steam iron at home and joy ironing in style.

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Cybershot has reserved a special coveted position for Sony in the digital camera world

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sony DSC-TX9 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-WX7 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W570 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W530 Digital Camera

Unit Price: Rs. 14,990

Unit Price: Rs. 10,990

Unit Price: Rs. 7,990

Unit Price: Rs. 6,990

Our Price : Rs. 14,965

Our Price : Rs. 10,695

Our Price : Rs. 7,800

Our Price : Rs. 6,750

Sony W series DSC-W520 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W510 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W570 Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V Advanced Digital Camera

Unit Price: Rs. 5,990

Unit Price: Rs. 5,490

Unit Price: Rs. 12,990

Unit Price: Rs. 22,990

Our Price : Rs. 5,900

Our Price : Rs. 5,400

Our Price : Rs. 12,400

Our Price : Rs. 22,250

Sony H series DSC-HX9V Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-WX7 Digital Camera

Sony H series DSC-H70 Digital Camera

Sony S Series DSC-S3000 Digital Camera

Unit Price: Rs. 16,990

Unit Price: Rs. 14,990

Unit Price: Rs. 9,990

Unit Price: Rs. 4,490

Our Price : Rs. 16,070

Our Price : Rs. 14,600

Our Price : Rs. 9,790

Our Price : Rs. 4,295

“Memories” are the most fondling moments of our life. During lonely hours while glancing through the albums of our past happy moments an instant smile appears in our lips. None of us want to miss the chance of capturing the most glorious moments of our past for the lifetime. What better option can you think of other than a digital camera? Gone are the old days of cameras. Now at present digital cameras are dominating the market. With a digital camera in hand even a novice can learn all the details of photography with much ease. The arrival of digicam in the photographic field has even turned the tasks more easier for professional photographers also. It is really tough to select the ideal digicamera amidst the crowds of so many brands. Sony has revolutionised the digital camera world with the inauguration of the Sony Cybershot model. It is really a milestone in the digicam field and has now turned into a milestone. A glorious achievement for Sony that has a added a new feather in Sony’s hat. Brand Sony has already turned into a household name and by unfolding Sony Cybershot it has turned all the more popular. Cybershot displays a comprehensive range of “point and shoot” models. Cybershot first came into scene in the year 1996.

Sony Cybershot provides “an excellent shooting experience.” A question may arise in the minds of all eager to buy customers that why should they prefer Sony Cybershot over all others. First of all Sony is a well-known brand. Digital cameras from the Sony are world famous and are widely preferred and appreciated by professional, unprofessional and even by learners. These models are highly user friendly and you can easily learn new features or details from the manuals quite easily. Produces high quality images. An absolute choice for storing your valuable moments for its high resolution images. These cameras can be operated easily that will allow to take cool and crisp snaps instantly. It offers portability in the best form. A compact and an easy fit for your pocket. Occupies less space. All the models have a super appealing look that grabs immediate attention. The cameras also have certain intelligent options. In recent times digital camera has gained popularity because of its picture clarity and image precision. The quality of pictures and near-to-life visuals that digital cameras accomplish makes people develop interest in owning and using them. Digital cameras are the prime aspects of digital photography. There are certain benefits that has increased the craze of digital camera all the very more. Like there is no limitation. You may click as many snaps as you want. Memory card helps you to get rid of the hazards of loading film rolls. No need to rush to the stores. You may retain the photos you want and may delete off all the unwanted snaps from camera memory. All these plus points have assisted the digital camera to emerge as the photography excellence equipment. Sony Cybershot serves all these purposes with great efficiency. Sony engaged Deepika Padukone for the promotion of Cybershot. She is the diva, latest Bollywood sensation and the youth craze. That was the part of the marketing strategy of Sony. Great resemblance between Deepika and Sony Cybershot can be witnessed as both are “Super Models” being cool, trendy and highly fashionable.

Sony Cybershot has many lined up series. The current list of series includes T series, W series, H series and S series. W series has scored up great critics’ acclaims as a champion allrounder models. H series has gained popularity as the perfect learners’ guide. S series has earned great public review as the most budget friendly models. Check out the link of the RightShopping.in as they are providing with the list of many amazing Cybershot models that has won great reviews even internationally. A brief overview of the models are summarised here. Cybershot DSC-W510, DSC-W520 and DSC-W530 models are very similar models with more or less similar technical details. Minute modifications set these models apart from each other. The common features of these models include the sleek, stylish look of the cameras with phenomenal picture clarity and offers easy to operate functions. Cybershot DSC-W510 has a bit primitive features compared to the other two models. It has a 12.1 megapixel camera while the other two have 14.1 megapixel cameras. Cybershot DSC-W520 is featured with 5x zoom while the other two have 4x optical zoom. Sweep Panorama feature present in all the three models allow shoot vibrant landscape images. Cybershot DSC-W570 is the ultra-compact digital camera with 16 megapixel camera. Nice photos can be captured without hardly any effort. This model adds up a great aesthetic sense. Cybershot DSC-WX7 is an astounding stylish designed camera. As far as specifications are concerned, the Cyber-shot DSC-WX7 comes with HD recording, 3D still imaging, Background Defocus feature that adds up professional touch to the picture appeal. Yet another model of this W series is DSC-TX9. It is the pioneer among all the Cybershot models in 3D Sweep Panorama taking upto 100 photographs and automatically combining them to create a stereoscopic pair of frames. Cybershot S series DSC-S3000 is packed with smart features like Face detection and Smile shutter. Steady image stabilization is another important feature. The 16 megapixel DSC-H70 is the least expensive model with decent number of shooting options. Cybershot DSC-HX7V opens up a new dimension with creative possibilities. 10x optical zoom is far ahead of all the other Cybershot series. Models DSC-HX9V and DSC-HX100V both are 16.2 megapixel cameras that have full HD shooting capacity. These two models have 16x and 30x optical zoom respectively. You can well imagine about the picture clarity. Highly realistic images that will bought back your memorable moments alive in front of your eyes. Revives back the past instantly according to your wish. DSC-H55 is a 14.1 megapixel camera with 10x zoom produces high quality images. Brief account of all the Sony Cybershot models in the available in RightShopping.in.

Sony with its Cybershot models has occupied an important position in the niche photography sector. If you are looking for an ideal photographic companion to preserve special moments for a lifetime then “Sony Cybershot” is the most appropriate answer for you. For further details of the product have a look in the www.rightshopping.in website. Make your moments memorable with the Cybershot digital camera. Photography at its best. You may buy it or may suggest others to go through the RightShopping.in website to search for the required model.

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