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Blackberry has really made a grand entry in Tablet segment with the Playbook series

Friday, March 2, 2012

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet With 16 GB Memory Card

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet With 32 GB Memory Card

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet With 64 GB Memory Card

Unit Price: Rs. 27,990

Unit Price: Rs. 32,990

Unit Price: Rs. 37,990

Our Price : Rs. 26,591

Our Price : Rs. 31,341

Our Price : Rs. 36,091

RIM (Research In Motion) has an easy way out for you, in case you are chasing something out of the box yet the concerned model offers the high range of features. Tablet stuffs from Blackberry; from very simplistic ones to hi-fi feature enriched ones are the ones that RightShopping.in has gathered for you. The brand reputation that Blackberry has in its intangible asset has worked in these ventures as well. The back of the Playbook is fairly sparse, save for the chrome Blackberry logo dead-center and the 5 megapixel camera centered at the top. The position of the camera works well, never once did we find our fingers blocking the lens while we snapped a picture. The entire back is coated with the same soft-touch rubber that is on the sides of the Playbook. It provides nice grip without showing fingerprints or minor scratches. The overall design of the Playbook is a delight in minimalism, and the squared edges are very different than the tapered sides that we see on the iPad and other tablets. Your visit here at www.rightshopping.in lands the Playbook series in three separate memory sets, and you’ve RightShopping.in to cash on the opportunity. Running a new OS called QNX, with quirky features like bridging to a Blackberry phone for secure email and an oddly confusing initial setup, the Playbook is a stark departure. Business-minded features such as built-in viewers for spreadsheets and word processing files are welcome, and the Playbook gets extra credit for being fast and nimble on a dual-core 1GHz processor. Throw in a 3MP front-facing camera, a 5MP rear-facing one, a bright and crisp 1200x600 resolution screen, a light 425g body and all the typical gyro, accelerometer and GPS sensors and you have the makings for a powerful 7-inch tablet. The Playbook series members that RightShopping.in host for you is sorely lacking third-party apps, but does show promise. As has been much reported, the Playbook also lacks the thing for which makers Research in Motion are so famed: email. If you tether your phone to your Blackberry handset, software called Bridge means your email and calendar appear properly. Without a handset, you are left simply to access email via the web, as you could on any other device. The logic behind this is that it’s more secure to keep your email on just one device, and simply use the Playbook as a larger screen. This may be the way to the heart of a corporate IT manager, but users deserve better. An incredible one that you can define, once www.rightshopping.in/g/its.asp?C=Blackberry-Tablet-PC&cid=17&b=Blackberry is your destination.

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