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CK FREE from Calvin Klein is meant for the free spirited men

Friday, March 30, 2012


MRP : Rs. 1895

Our Price : Rs. 1800

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The importance of perfumes dates back to few thousand years back. Even today also we appreciate good fragrance. Perfumes too have traveled a long way since its origin. Now in present day it has turned to be the most important fashion accessory. Style statement of modern age men remains incomplete with ultimate touch of perfumes. It has become the part and parcel of our attire. Aromas have always attracted humans and we strive to find smells that make us more attractive. The nicer the smell the more attractive we find the person. Perfumes will be selected according to your personality or keeping your own body smell in mind. Perfumes have acquired a very important position in the men fashion statement as application of the right perfume transforms a man and gives him enough confidence to win the hearts of others. Perfumery brands have realised the fact that perfumes are now not restricted among women only and men too are using it profusely. So now all the reputed brands have launched separate men line of perfumes too. Many male perfume brands are now available in the market. But brand CALVIN KLEIN has spread its aroma almost everywhere wherever it has traveled. Calvin Klein is a legendary brand from USA Perfumes represented from this brand has received high accolades from all its users. Calvin Klein perfumes have matched the right chord of every man. CK FREE as inspired by the spirit of the freedom speaks to the to the excitement associated with opening your mind to new possibilities and venturing into unchartered territory. Simple but subtly sensuous, this fragrance is all about being confident in a real and approachable way. The first glance of the bottle of this perfume is a simple transparent one but will grab your attention instantly by its elegant simplicity. The scent of CK FREE is bound make a longlasting impression with so many added notes. The use of this perfume in your daily life marks the beginning of your free spirited journey. The strong masculine scent of this perfume is bound to turn your lady on within fragments of a minute. Moreover it sports a very carefree and casual spirit. This unique fragrance will make you smell distinctly from the others. Highly appealing for the women as it contains some floral notes. Women will be bound to be addicted towards the men wearing this perfume. The leading notes of absynth, juniper berries and jackfruit flower gives CK FREE a unique smell that is truly captivating and energetic. Refreshing smell is good to use for casual purposes like while holidaying or hanging around with your friends.

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