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Cybershot has reserved a special coveted position for Sony in the digital camera world

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sony DSC-TX9 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-WX7 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W570 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W530 Digital Camera

Unit Price: Rs. 14,990

Unit Price: Rs. 10,990

Unit Price: Rs. 7,990

Unit Price: Rs. 6,990

Our Price : Rs. 14,965

Our Price : Rs. 10,695

Our Price : Rs. 7,800

Our Price : Rs. 6,750

Sony W series DSC-W520 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W510 Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-W570 Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V Advanced Digital Camera

Unit Price: Rs. 5,990

Unit Price: Rs. 5,490

Unit Price: Rs. 12,990

Unit Price: Rs. 22,990

Our Price : Rs. 5,900

Our Price : Rs. 5,400

Our Price : Rs. 12,400

Our Price : Rs. 22,250

Sony H series DSC-HX9V Digital Camera

Sony W series DSC-WX7 Digital Camera

Sony H series DSC-H70 Digital Camera

Sony S Series DSC-S3000 Digital Camera

Unit Price: Rs. 16,990

Unit Price: Rs. 14,990

Unit Price: Rs. 9,990

Unit Price: Rs. 4,490

Our Price : Rs. 16,070

Our Price : Rs. 14,600

Our Price : Rs. 9,790

Our Price : Rs. 4,295

“Memories” are the most fondling moments of our life. During lonely hours while glancing through the albums of our past happy moments an instant smile appears in our lips. None of us want to miss the chance of capturing the most glorious moments of our past for the lifetime. What better option can you think of other than a digital camera? Gone are the old days of cameras. Now at present digital cameras are dominating the market. With a digital camera in hand even a novice can learn all the details of photography with much ease. The arrival of digicam in the photographic field has even turned the tasks more easier for professional photographers also. It is really tough to select the ideal digicamera amidst the crowds of so many brands. Sony has revolutionised the digital camera world with the inauguration of the Sony Cybershot model. It is really a milestone in the digicam field and has now turned into a milestone. A glorious achievement for Sony that has a added a new feather in Sony’s hat. Brand Sony has already turned into a household name and by unfolding Sony Cybershot it has turned all the more popular. Cybershot displays a comprehensive range of “point and shoot” models. Cybershot first came into scene in the year 1996.

Sony Cybershot provides “an excellent shooting experience.” A question may arise in the minds of all eager to buy customers that why should they prefer Sony Cybershot over all others. First of all Sony is a well-known brand. Digital cameras from the Sony are world famous and are widely preferred and appreciated by professional, unprofessional and even by learners. These models are highly user friendly and you can easily learn new features or details from the manuals quite easily. Produces high quality images. An absolute choice for storing your valuable moments for its high resolution images. These cameras can be operated easily that will allow to take cool and crisp snaps instantly. It offers portability in the best form. A compact and an easy fit for your pocket. Occupies less space. All the models have a super appealing look that grabs immediate attention. The cameras also have certain intelligent options. In recent times digital camera has gained popularity because of its picture clarity and image precision. The quality of pictures and near-to-life visuals that digital cameras accomplish makes people develop interest in owning and using them. Digital cameras are the prime aspects of digital photography. There are certain benefits that has increased the craze of digital camera all the very more. Like there is no limitation. You may click as many snaps as you want. Memory card helps you to get rid of the hazards of loading film rolls. No need to rush to the stores. You may retain the photos you want and may delete off all the unwanted snaps from camera memory. All these plus points have assisted the digital camera to emerge as the photography excellence equipment. Sony Cybershot serves all these purposes with great efficiency. Sony engaged Deepika Padukone for the promotion of Cybershot. She is the diva, latest Bollywood sensation and the youth craze. That was the part of the marketing strategy of Sony. Great resemblance between Deepika and Sony Cybershot can be witnessed as both are “Super Models” being cool, trendy and highly fashionable.

Sony Cybershot has many lined up series. The current list of series includes T series, W series, H series and S series. W series has scored up great critics’ acclaims as a champion allrounder models. H series has gained popularity as the perfect learners’ guide. S series has earned great public review as the most budget friendly models. Check out the link of the RightShopping.in as they are providing with the list of many amazing Cybershot models that has won great reviews even internationally. A brief overview of the models are summarised here. Cybershot DSC-W510, DSC-W520 and DSC-W530 models are very similar models with more or less similar technical details. Minute modifications set these models apart from each other. The common features of these models include the sleek, stylish look of the cameras with phenomenal picture clarity and offers easy to operate functions. Cybershot DSC-W510 has a bit primitive features compared to the other two models. It has a 12.1 megapixel camera while the other two have 14.1 megapixel cameras. Cybershot DSC-W520 is featured with 5x zoom while the other two have 4x optical zoom. Sweep Panorama feature present in all the three models allow shoot vibrant landscape images. Cybershot DSC-W570 is the ultra-compact digital camera with 16 megapixel camera. Nice photos can be captured without hardly any effort. This model adds up a great aesthetic sense. Cybershot DSC-WX7 is an astounding stylish designed camera. As far as specifications are concerned, the Cyber-shot DSC-WX7 comes with HD recording, 3D still imaging, Background Defocus feature that adds up professional touch to the picture appeal. Yet another model of this W series is DSC-TX9. It is the pioneer among all the Cybershot models in 3D Sweep Panorama taking upto 100 photographs and automatically combining them to create a stereoscopic pair of frames. Cybershot S series DSC-S3000 is packed with smart features like Face detection and Smile shutter. Steady image stabilization is another important feature. The 16 megapixel DSC-H70 is the least expensive model with decent number of shooting options. Cybershot DSC-HX7V opens up a new dimension with creative possibilities. 10x optical zoom is far ahead of all the other Cybershot series. Models DSC-HX9V and DSC-HX100V both are 16.2 megapixel cameras that have full HD shooting capacity. These two models have 16x and 30x optical zoom respectively. You can well imagine about the picture clarity. Highly realistic images that will bought back your memorable moments alive in front of your eyes. Revives back the past instantly according to your wish. DSC-H55 is a 14.1 megapixel camera with 10x zoom produces high quality images. Brief account of all the Sony Cybershot models in the available in RightShopping.in.

Sony with its Cybershot models has occupied an important position in the niche photography sector. If you are looking for an ideal photographic companion to preserve special moments for a lifetime then “Sony Cybershot” is the most appropriate answer for you. For further details of the product have a look in the www.rightshopping.in website. Make your moments memorable with the Cybershot digital camera. Photography at its best. You may buy it or may suggest others to go through the RightShopping.in website to search for the required model.

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