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“Euphoria”, the fragrance that enhances your personality

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



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Perfumes” are something which depicts your personality and captures a fantastic mood of yours with its captivating fragrance. You are indeed affected to a great extent by the perfumes and their fragrance. The different smells of the perfumes lessens your anxiety and stress and helps you to be happy by forgetting all these things. There are many people who love the smell of Lavender which calms down the super exhausted minds with its mind blowing odor and helps you to relax in your most disturbed time or the smell of rosemary will help you to stay alert and you remain active in your life. This is the wonder that perfumes do in our lives. When you search for a good perfume then it is tough to find it out as because there are many brands available at a large number. In order to help you to select the best one we have selected the two perfumes with great smell that has a long lasting effect. ‘Calvin Klein’, as the brand name suggests is one of the best fashion houses in the world and has produced some brilliant perfumes that leaves a wide lasting sensation in you when you use it. Calvin was a pioneer in the jeans, underwear and other things. Later on after setting his mark in the field of fashion, he introduced enticing range of perfumes that took the customers into a magical world where they found themselves healing from different stresses in their life after using it because of its lovely smell and we have got a huge response in India too, where the perfume has made a strong base and has gained popularity among the others. It is bound to change your mood and you will be lost in a soothing and comfortable world.

Euphoria perfume for women was launched by Calvin Klein in 2005 and has grown popularity within few years due to its marvellous odor. Many people are today selecting Euphoria and are very satisfied with this selection It has in it pomegranate, persimmon, and a wonderful lush green accord. Your mind and soul will meet in the delightful essence of the perfume and you will be into a sensual lotus blossom and black orchid which ends into the violet, cream and amber woods. The smell of Euphoria will keep people around you asking about the fragrance you are wearing. Wherever you are, be it in the office, in the house, in the restaurants, in a party hall or in a safari in between the woods. Everywhere you go, you will make your pretty presence feel to the others. This year these Euphoria and Euphoria Blossom have won Fifi Award for best Luxe fragrance and has created a record for the Calvin brand. You can feel the freshness provided by the perfume that quickly dries down and give you a new energy with complete refreshness. There is floral as well as fruit flavours mixed in the perfumes which all together give a sweet smell. It is a strong and voluptuous, dark in colour and has an unique modern smell. Euphoria stays for prolong hours and can be best used in cold days. Though Euphoria Blossom is made to suit the Asian market and so this one is suitable for you all who hold a passion for Calvin Klein. The perfume has a lighter fragrance which consist of orchid blossom, lotus blossom, pink peony, blond wood, dewy green accord, white amber and frosted sheer musk. Euphoria, the original perfume is also great but is good for the days when temperature falls a little bit. The sweet smell of Euphoria is great and will give you a sense of complete comfort in which you will love to appreciate the fragrance and will get delighted. Both the Euphoria rocks! Euphoria has a little strong smell than the Euphoria Blossom and so has a great lasting effect.

Euphoria perfume is a perfect gift for a woman if you are wondering to gift your sweet one with anything. This perfume suits the taste of women of the modern age who has varied taste mingled with classic fragrance. Euphoria and Euphoria Blossom are the perfumes that make these words true. These perfumes are very famous not only in America or in other countries but have especially made a platform in India for its light odor that suits the climatic conditions of the Asian country. You can read the details of these wonderful products in RightShopping.in and can also pick them up to beautify yourself and your personality by just clicking in www.rightshopping.in/perfume/p_d.asp?pid=PFCN0001240&item=EUPHORIAby CALVINKLEIN and www.rightshopping.in/perfume/p_d.asp?pid=PFCN0001293&item=EUPHORIA BLOSSOMbyCALVIN KLEIN and can place an order. You will get the trusted products that belong from the original house of Calvin Klein. We have a large number of satisfied customers, whom we have serviced for years and have earned a good name.

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