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Karbonn is one of the top brands in the booming “Made in India” mobile market

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karbonn K 550i Mobile Phone

Karbonn K515 Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 3,390

Unit Price : Rs. 2,990

Our Price : Rs. 2,295

Our Price : Rs. 1,890

Karbonn Mobile Phones : More

Three years back many new companies came out in the Indian market with a view of making their own handsets and today they have captured a good percentage of the Indian mobile market. Low cost mobiles are gaining a breathtaking customer’s likeness in India with a good amount of electronic upgradations.

Launched in the year 2009, Karbonn has made a good impact in the field of communications. The growing demand of dual SIM mobiles in the market and at a moderate cost have made the phone companies bring change in the system of the phones they produce and include the ongoing demand in the mobiles. There are number of connate companies booming out day by day in India. Karbonn and some others are in the race to make their own niche in the country and it is quite visible that they are going to achieve the target soon and will capture the major telecom sector in the country. The most successful among the other companies in India, Karbonn does more than six lakh sales in a month.

"I thought of building my own home, rather than living in a rented house. I had enough experience to take the risk and my children had also grown up," says the gallant entrepreneur, Hasija, the brainchild behind the Karbonn mobiles.

The visibility in the rural areas, after sales services and low price points are some of the basic reasons for which Karbonn has grown fast in the phone market in India and has left behind the others. As in India the major part is under rural sector so it is necessary to spread the services in these parts in order to be the best among all. The people of these areas mostly carry on their livelihood on agriculture and small scale industries. For this reason the earnings of the people residing in these parts are not at high level, and for this reason they can only afford the low range mobiles which are easily affordable and have some good features like FM, Camera, Video recording, MP3 Player, internet, Bluetooth etc. Today the people not only want to just communicate or nor do they look mobiles with one such age old notion but to them now mobiles mean something more with a lot of upgraded attributes in it. The Karbonn mobiles have all these features in them. The best is the low price mechanism that has driven it into higher slots in the country market and is making good earning everyday. Karbonn has made a good impact in the rural India and so many people prefer today this brand which gives a lot of features at a low price. The Kabonn K515 and Karbonn K550i are the two latest mobiles that Karbonn has launched recently. Both the mobiles have a standard battery with dual SIM facilities. Large and clear display screen, 4GB memory cards, games, JAVA and Bluetooth are all accessible in the mobiles. WAP Browsers can also be accessed in the mobiles. These mobiles also store camera facilities and so the people also have an opportunity to capture images of their choice. The agnostic approach of the Indian customers have today left behind the branded companies like Nokia and so to be in the competitive Indian mobile market the companies need to carry on with a proper quality of services, distribution channels and post sale services in order to be in the top preference in the market and Karbonn is one such brand which is doing the work.

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