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Kudos to the Nikon Coolpix S3100 and Coolpix S1100PJ cameras packed with latest technology and display compare to none

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nikon COOLPIX S3100 Compact Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX S1100PJ Advanced Digital Camera

Unit Price : Rs. 8,950

Unit Price : Rs. 17,950

Our Price : Rs. 6,735

Our Price : Rs. 16,287

Nikon is one of the earliest brands that has worked so far to produce best cameras in the world. Digital Cameras have made capturing images an easier job now a days and you have two best of them to select for fulfilling your needs from the link in the RightShopping.in. There are millions of people round the world who have been visiting this site for years to avail different products of their taste and preferences and are all very much satisfied with our service. These are easy to carry at any place without any hassle and also bear easy manuals that can be operated by anyone. You all have certain memories in your life that are unforgettable and you want to hold them for the rest of your life and to do so you need to capture them with a camera. It may be your friends’ crazy dance steps or your parents’ anniversary that you want to capture. Though these cameras have lesser creative freedom that is enjoyed in the DLSRs by the adjustment of the manuals but still these digital cameras are preferred today by most of you due to its easy access. The cameras work faster and better than the DLSRs. The digital cameras are the praiseworthy gadgets that have brought today a revolution in the field of photography. Nikon is a well known name and is master in imaging and optics. It is the one name you all trust in the field of Cameras and why not when you get the ultra slim and alluring Camera from the very house of Nikon. These Coolpix S3100 and S1100PJ have created a buzz in the field of image processing for their super cool and an easy mode of capturing images they have provided to the millions of satisfied customers round the world. Earlier it had only optical parts under it when it was established in 1917. Then later on in 1932, for the first time lens was added to the camera and the fantastic saga of introducing advanced technology have continued till today. You will no doubt be the one among our customers who are satisfied by our products delivery for years. The vibrant display of the LCD screen in the camera will bring alive the colourful and happy moments of your life. Coolpix S3100 is the right choice for you if you are a creative person and want to widen your creative notion of imaginations with 19 different scene modes present in the camera. It has a great deal of filter effects like, Soft Focus, Selective Color, Miniature, Cross Screen, and Fisheye modes present in this digicam. Kudos to the EXPEED C2 processing engine for which the functions of the cameras are super, be it the speed of the camera or the shooting quality of the camera. You can capture 720p HD Videos with the help of the camera and you will let your imagination take shape into reality. You are also provided with a VR Image Stabilization system that makes the images sharp and steady and gives them a smarter look. This Coolpix camera can be even used by the first time user and it will be one of the perfect gifts for your friends or children who love taking photos. 

There is another fantastic Coolpix camera in the list if you are a regular into the art of Photography and want to use a little complex featured camera. It is the Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ. This camera has a unique design with beautiful coloured body. Highly advanced technology is there in the camera. It is boosted with a projector in it that can project still or video images in an excellent manner and not only the data stored in the camera but also the data stored in the PCs, be they be the videos depicting your sweet moments or the pictures captured, all are excellently projected. The high resolution touch screen with clear colour display technology. Bright and clear movies and pictures are displayed in the camera, which has a high resolution of 14.1 MP. It gives a variety of built in image effects and because of this you can add background music along with the pictures and it is the only camera that gives you this unique opportunity. Here in this camera also there are several brilliant modes present and these help in giving a fine effect to the pictures for which great images are produced. If you are looking for a trustworthy product for you or to gift anyone then ours is the perfect place you can rely on. You can get these wonderful cameras whenever you want from us and we will deliver you your chosen item on the perfect time.

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