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Micromax Van Gogh X450 is all about a budget utility mobile phone

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Micromax X450 Mobile Phone

Unit Price : Rs. 3,999

Our Price : Rs. 3,332

After making the shopping truly beneficial, as far as style is concerned, you have RightShopping.in to count on. This time you switched to something budgetary and yet with feature richer one, and you have Micromax Van Gogh X450 to deal with. Micromax has named this device on a famous Dutch painter who had a far-reaching influence on 20th century art, but we do not expect such a far-reaching influence on the mobile phone design in 21st century, but having said that it certainly a trump card up its sleeve. With the Van Gogh X450, Micromax supplies an integrated Bluetooth handsfree kit, which not just sits at the back of the phone, it also charges using the phones battery, eliminating the need for a second charger to charge the Bluetooth handsfree. It also eliminates the possibility of losing this kit as you will always be able to carry it without it being one more thing to carry. The rest of the phone is a standard dual SIM bar phone from Micromax, no revolutionary features, glitz or glam. To add to the beauty, Micromax supplies two back cover - Black and Yellow in colour with a mat feel finish. Design wise, the phone is regular bar phone with multitap keypad with well place keys that give decent feedback. The 2.6 inch screen is a standard fare with 262 colour QVGA (320X240) resolution. The Bluetooth cradle for the handsfree kit adds bulk to the device and also aids the grip of the phone without adding much weight. It’s comfortable to wear but since it doesn’t have a clip that goes around your ear for support, this might not be the best option while engaging in a lot of activity. The headset can also be charged simply by docking it with the handset when plugged in. The phone's performance is as expected from this range of products. There were no network issues whatsoever, in-fact the GPRS reception is better than what I normally get on my other phones. The supplied wired in-ear handset feels much better built than the rest of the phone, and the sound clarity matches the built quality. The external stereo speakers are also loud and clear. The radio reception had no issues either. Media player which plays both audio and video is a well sorted one with easy navigation and playback. The 2.0 mega pixel camera unit is nothing much to talk about; it's good only for occasional snaps when you do not any other option. The file support also has nothing to complain about. The battery backup is good for two days low to medium level use with the phone's 1000mAH unit.

Just the perfect shopping for mobile within budget is what you expected, and www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010807&item=Micromax X450 Mobile Phone is just about that.

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