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A Perfume sets the perfect mood of any occasion and even adds up flavour in our daily life

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

JOVAN MUSK by JOVAN Giftset for Men


BRUT by FABERGE Giftset for Men

MRP : Rs. 778

MRP : Rs. 792

MRP : Rs. 1024

Our Price : Rs. 739

Our Price : Rs. 752

Our Price : Rs. 973


5TH AVENUE 4 pcs set by ELIZABETH ARDEN Giftset for Women


MRP : Rs. 1545

MRP : Rs. 2094

MRP : Rs. 2374

Our Price : Rs. 1468

Our Price : Rs. 1989

Our Price : Rs. 2255

Perfume-Hamper-Gifts : More

In present days perfumes are used to describe scented mixtures. The word perfume has derived from the Latin word naming “per fumus” meaning through smoke. Perfumes have come into existence from time immemorial. The art of making perfumes was first invented by Egyptians and later was further modified by the Romans and the Arabs. Modern perfumes came into existence since late 19th century with the invention of commercial synthesis of aromatic compounds namely Vanillin or Coumarin. These compounds have made possible to obtain that particular aroma that was impossible to obtain from the natural compounds. Perfume types are differentiated on the basis of essential oils concentration. Perfumes contain a certain amount of expensive natural ingredients. Perfumes should be kept away from excessive heat or cold, and to avoid evaporation, the cap must be tightly closed to maintain Perfume fragrance integrity. At present there are hundreds of brands available in the market with wide range of varieties.

Perfumes are gaining rapid popularity nowadays. People are becoming conscious these days about heir appearance. Apart from looking good it is also essential to smell good. Numerous brands that are available in the market are manufacturing perfumes suitable according to your personality and also matching up the mood of your ambiance. A certain scent on a good friend may smell quite differently on you as each fragrance reacts differently according to our own chemical makeup. Body chemistry, diet and age affect fragrances on their skin. Each person has own special smell that makes the person distinct amidst others. Perfume should be one of the most delicate, personal messages you send to those with whom you come in contact. Perfume fragrance varies according to the skin types. For a long-lasting effect perfume should be layered all over the skin. Perfumes in modern times are equally popular among men and women. Popular reputed brands are launching perfumes for both the sexes. Male fragrances are usually rich, determined and complex. Male perfumes are of such compositions that are sophisticated in taste of people. Perfumes should match the lifestyle of men. “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” by Christian Dior is a famous quote. The women of this century can never compromise when comes to fragrance. The perfumes define the style statement of the Indian women. The fragrance should be elegant, unique and attractive. Feminine fragrances usually have extra floral components.

RightShopping.in is such a site that has a wide variety perfume range including all men and women brands. Few famous male brands include JOVAN, ADIDAS, CALVIN KLEIN, GEOFFREY BEENE. Female perfume brands include ELIZABETH ARDEN, FRENCH CONNECTION, NINA RICCI. Undoubtedly a great collection. These are certainly the most popular and renowned worldwide brands with their wonder creations.

Adidas ranks second worldwide, with their products selling in almost 200 countries. The perfumery range from this brand is also internationally acclaimed. Adidas Dare was first introduced in 2009. Adidas Dare gift set for men is an attractive gift set for men comprising of eau de toilette and an aftershave balm. Adidas eau de toilette spray adds up confidence to the personality of a man. The woody scent is formulated with the fragrances of bergamot, lime, vanilla, sea breeze accord, apple, lavender, rhum, leather, and sandalwood. This Adidas men's spray is ideal for everyday wear.

Elizabeth Arden is a reputed American fragrance company. 5th Avenue perfume range from this brand has won great reviews throughout the world and is highly popular among women. 5th Avenue gift set is a truly enticing irresistible gift pack. The perfume is a rich, green exotic floral, accented with white tuberose. Softness is added by woody, rich, cedary hints and musk nuances. Another popular creation from this brand is the Green Tea perfume gift set. This gift set features perfume spray, shower gel and body lotion. The perfume evokes instant freshness wrapping with memorable intensity.

French Connection combo gift pack is an exclusive gift pack meant for women. FCUK perfume by this brand is the first fragrance of the young English brand FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom). Just as the name suggests it is a sensuous and provocative fragrance. This floral, oriental fragrance is locked in an ultramodern bottle. Nina Ricci is yet another renowned women perfume brand. Amongst the male brands attractive perfumery gift sets are available from brands like Joop, Aramis and Swiss Army. Perfume from Nautica will give a sensation that will let your soul sail through the high seas allows to feel the brisk ocean air. Jovan musk perfume from Jovan is a much sensationalised perfume throughout the ages. For pretty long time this perfume is being efficiently handling its popularity.

Hope this will be a useful assist for the perfume lovers. But for more help and to check the wide range of perfumery and its detailed description and price options do have a look into this link www.rightshopping.in/perfume/it.asp?cid=&oid=14&i=Perfume-Hamper-Gifts. This link will serve as a perfect guide that will help you to choose the right fragrance that suits your attitude and personality. It will set your perfect mood.

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