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Sony casting a powerful trance in laptop world with the Vaio series

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sony Vaio EH35 Laptop

Sony Vaio EG38 Laptop

Sony Vaio CB45 Laptop

Unit Price: Rs. 34,990

Unit Price: Rs. 49,990

Unit Price: Rs. 59,990

Our Price : Rs. 33,416

Our Price : Rs. 47,591

Our Price : Rs. 57,041

Sony Vaio EH36 Laptop

Sony Vaio EG35 Laptop

Sony Vaio SB38 Laptop

Unit Price: Rs. 40,990

Unit Price: Rs. 33,990

Unit Price: Rs. 69,990

Our Price : Rs. 39,086

Our Price : Rs. 32,471

Our Price : Rs. 66,491

Sony Vaio Laptops : More

If a laptop brand that justifies completely the money spent on it, the feature variety and utility being the prime reason behind that, surely Sony Vaio needs no introduction in this matter. Sony has recently launched this series of laptop that is gradually dispersing its trance on the laptop market. It is gaining rapid popularity because of its well established features. Recently Sony Vaio has forayed into the Indian market too and is securing great reviews. "This PC is a multimedia masterpiece thoughtfully crafted to help consumers enjoy the full excitement of HD," said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Vaio product marketing at Sony Electronics. Sony Vaio is a perfect blend of sophisticated professional functions along with a stylish feminine look. A cool ultra tech device that is a bright example of cutting-edge technology. This series of laptops are available in variety of colours. These radiant colours make these laptops all the more attractive. These wide range of colours truly reflect Sony’s promotional tag “More Colour, More Style. Sony Vaio is the jack of all trades.

Sony reunited the smoldering flames of the laptop. Sony unveiled its new range of Vaio laptops at Mumbai. The brand came to India only in 2004. The delay owns to the restriction in using Wi-Fi by the government. Sony Vaio laptops have been doing pretty well in terms of acquiring market share over the year. Sony has reentered the market with 62 variants of the Vaio series available in a choice of 16 colours and texture available at price range of Rs 22,990 to Rs 1,59,900.

VAIO is the acronym of Video Audio Integrated Operation that was amended to Visual Audio Intelligent Organiser in 2008 to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. Although Sony made computers in the 1980's exclusively for the local market, the company withdrew from the computer business around the turn of the decade. Sony's reentry to the global computer market under the new Vaio brand began in 1996 with the PCV series of desktops.

Sony aspires to occupy the first spot in the consumer laptop category as twenty percent of Sony India's revenue comes from its Vaio series of laptops. In the past three years with each of it's annual campaign Sony Vaio has increased its foothold in the market. Sony has a market share of around 5.4 % of the Indian Laptop market which is estimated to touch a volume of 1.6 million units this year. It is this phenomenal growth of around 40 % that forms the basis of the latest launch of Sony Vaio. The lowering of prices has attracted a whole set of new customers into this segment. Students, executives and businessmen began looking at laptops as a productivity enhancement tool. Companies began giving laptops to executives to keep them working when mobile. These happened without seriously hurting the sale of Desktops. The interest of marketers in this segment is evident when we look at the promotions of leading brands in this segment. Most of them have signed up celebrities to endorse their brands. Sony Vaio has always tried to promote itself as an inspirational brand. With technology no longer a major differentiator, Vaio understood that unless the brand repositions itself, the feature rich rivals might oust it. Vaio targets the hip-hop Indian youth aged 18-26 with the variant CR. The brand is now positioned as a fashion accessory rather than a learning/working tool. The new variant comes with attractive colour options like blazing red, indigo blue, pure white, beauty pink and aroma black. The brand is now running a high profile TV campaign now. Sony Vaio has emerged as the market leader in the consumer notebook market since october-december 2011 period. Sony’s market share has rose consistently in the past two years. According to Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India, Sony Vaio has emerged as the No 1 laptop brand in India. Sony followed a three-pronged approach towards achieving this milieu–strong product line-up, aggressive marketing and robust distribution network to hold such a strong foothold in the Indian market. Wide range of products also available in a good price range meant for mass of all classes.

Promotion is the communicated process to the market between buyer, seller, retailer or others. Giving the information such as persuasion is recognized about brand and product well. Promotion is very influence to change the attitude, belief, feeling and target market’s behavior. According to Sony Vaio gives importance to communicate of its promotion, Vaio is a brand that is successful in term of promotion because it strikes the right promotional chord. Sony Vaio uses the pull and push promotional strategy. Pull promotional strategy defines marketing strategy where a new product is heavily advertised before its general distribution,to pent up demand which draws customers into retails when it is made available. Vaio uses pull promotional strategy that attracts consumers on advertising to buy or demand for product. Consumers receive directly information from the media on TV, radio, billboards, leaflet, Internet, and mobile-ads etc. This strategy can sell the product without suggestion of seller. Advertisement plays a key role as a promotional tool of Vaio. It communicates well with customers of all age groups. As per the market policy total customers have been divided into many segments depending on the age and lifestyles. The obvious promotional strategy is taken an emotional advertising instead of representing performances. Sony has chosen Kareena Kapoor as their brand ambassador to highlight the slimmest appearance of Vaio. It is the slimmest available laptop in the market now. Kareena Kapoor is the youth sensation of the new generation and her slim look well signifies the brand. Nowadays, Vaio is entering to a stage of an emotional benefit. Representing only an advance technology isn’t enough, Vaio uses the emotional advertising to make consumer feeling accompany with Vaio. An emotional aspect is made consumer to be proud when they use Vaio and feel required to possess it. Corporate social responsibility is public relationship. Sony Vaio has advantages of public relationship from the corporate brand to take the good brand image. Besides Vaio uses pull strategy, it also uses push strategy to enhance its promotion more and more. Push strategy is a promotional strategy that is used for increasing consumer to demand the product by trade promotion activities. Moreover, using sale promotion or personal selling is kinds of persuasion consumer. Push strategy includes sale promotion, personal selling and event management. Sale promotion is a marketing discipline that utilizes a variety of the incentive techniques to structure sale. Sony has promoted its product through different sale promotional strategies. Personal selling has an importance to be inferior to advertising campaign. In Vaio store, the sale force makes the good relationship and will communicate well to customer when they want to know more information. Vaio has training the sale force to communicate Vaio information both its product and entertainment from Vaio. Consumers can reach the product easily by exhibiting in event shows. These shows are very popular because it gives a good demonstration of the potentials of the brand.

Sony Vaio series is a marvelous creation. With all its attractive features and stylish look the brand is successful enough to draw the attention of all the gadget freaks. Sony Vaio is one laptop that comes with killer looks, its light and thin look can make every gadget freak the eyeballs roll. The Vaio series laptops are the latest craze among the gadget friendly generation. Of all the available laptop models in the market this particular brand is gaining rapid popularity among the gadget experts. Brand Sony has worked out its strategy in a well planned manner to become the cynosure of all laptop lovers.

As Sony Vaio was gaining rapid popularity, Sony checking the customer and critics’ reviews launched many series of this Vaio. Varied range of Vaio is now available in the market now. The competition is now among the various series of Vaio. At present the Vaio series that are available in the market includes F series, E series, C series, Z series, S series, L series, J series, Y series. Isn’t it a wonder!! So many series included within the single Vaio. The price of these various models are also ranging from approx 22k to 1 lakh. The Vaio brand a favourite among style-conscious executives. L series simply oozes out the sleek charm of Vaio laptops. Sony Vaio F series is an s a full-featured movie and gaming machine, with a sharp look and useful preloaded software. Sony Vaio S series is the perfectly balanced mobile PC. E series is a beautifully well designed laptop with good performance and average battery life along with multimedia support. Vaio C series comes in neon colours. It offers a unique finish. Sony Vaio Z indeed, thinner, lighter, and more powerful. J series all-in-one computing device that is a decent entertainment machine. Sony Vaio Y series is an excellent evolutionary model that is a great looking ultra portable device. Choosing the best among all these series leaves enough rooms of debate. Its not a unanimous stand but still it is believed so far Sony Vaio Z series can be tagged as the best so far.

Laptops have gained much more popularity compared to desktops nowadays. In fact the laptops because of its unique portability feature nowadays are replacing desktops. It is rapidly turning into the indispensable necessity for all working individuals. Everyday new brands of laptops are arriving in the market. With the increasing competition many companies are emerging with a large variety of laptops and in such situation it becomes little tedious to select the right product. Brief idea can be obtained by studying the various consumer and experts’ reviews on various laptops. Compared to all other available laptop brands and models Sony Vaio has well managed to make a firm foothold in the laptop market by offering variance in a huge platter. Sony brand is widely recognized among the top five global brands across the globe. Sony Electronics had widened the wireless services. Sony Vaio style flagship stores offer customers the best in retail entertainment and electronic technologies. Every Vaio includes the most innovative technology available to give you the best possible computing experience. No other brand has such an enviable reputation for leading edge design and creativity - aesthetic yet functional for a contemporary look and feel. Reliability is everything – Vaio notebooks are rigorously tested to make sure they work faultlessly in real life environments. Thus Sony now tastes the fruits of its labour, constant effort and research.

Sony Vaio-superb laptop with cool features that’s how this brand can be defined. All models of this Vaio series come in tantalizing texture with a unique stylish look amidst the vast ocean of laptops. Mainly these laptops are all powered by either i5 or i7 processors. Thus all the laptops are potent performers as they are well equipped by the powerful processors. These models allow the users to work for long hours without any interruption. Models belonging to C series, F and L series have high definition entertainment wrapped up in a high-octane laptop that was born to perform. Nice keypad allows fast typing. These laptops are also equipped with integrated webcamera and speakers. All forms of connectivity are also available in the form of wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. Users are thus able to access Internet in an uninterrupted manner. These laptops can be well considered as good gaming stations as because of good graphics feature. Graphical support also turns out these laptops as perfect entertaining partners. The champion brand that stands the excellence on its own terms is the star attraction that RightShopping.in do maintain for you, and the link at www.rightshopping.in/g/search.asp?fsr=sony+vaio&cat=2&submit= is fully fledged with numerous Sony Vaio series offerings.

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