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Titan flaunts Raga collection marking elegant style quotient

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Titan Raga Diva Watch

Titan Raga Diva Watch

Titan Raga Diva Watch

Unit Price: Rs. 9,995

Unit Price: Rs. 8,495

Unit Price: Rs. 11,995

Our Price : Rs. 8,995

Our Price : Rs. 7,645

Our Price : Rs. 10,795

Titan Raga Flora Watch

Titan Raga Diva Watch

Titan Raga Flora Watch

Unit Price: Rs. 6,495

Unit Price: Rs. 6,995

Unit Price: Rs. 7,495

Our Price : Rs. 5,845

Our Price : Rs. 6,295

Our Price : Rs. 6,745

“TIME”, this four alphabet word is the most significant thing of our life. Time is the string and every moment is like the bead. Every second of our life is so very precious. Every second a new life experiences the light of the mother earth. “Tick, Tick, Tick” - this sound is so very familiar to us. What comes to your mind on hearing this sound? Of course nothing other but of a watch. A watch is the most well-crafted piece of science. A brief definition of watch will describe it as a portable timekeeper. Most indispensable thing that helps us to keep the record of time. There are various modifications of the watches. In the nineteenth century, the most popular form of portable watch was the pocket watch. But in later days of nineteenth century wristwatches started gaining the maximum momentum of popularity as it is handier to carry it around the wrist. Wristwatches are small timepieces that are typically worn on the wrist. Previously wristwatches used to have a typical manual operating mechanism which in the later times is replaced by the use of quartz vibrations or by electromagnetic pulses.

As wristwatches started gaining popularity through the ages designers began to deviate from the standard round style and came up with a wide variety of designs. Through all these years wristwatches have traveled a long way far ahead than merely keeping the track of appointments. It has evolved as a style statement. There is a gradual elevation of its status. Nowadays wristwatches are considered as much of a status symbol. Fashion and beauty have an important place for women. Ladies wrist watches play a crucial role in helping them to feel most properly attired. Ladies luxury watches help women to stand in midst of a crowd carrying her identity. These classic designer wristwatches reflect the personality of a diva. The brand TITAN is a milestone in the gradual evolution of the wristwatches. Titan is the leading watch brand in India. It exports its products to 32 countries all over the world. It has dawned a brand new style statement in the field of wristwatches. This brand has displayed a varied range of collection like Fastrack, Sonata, Raga.

New Titan RAGA collection is a yet another gorgeous collection range that is a perfect blender of traditional yet trendy classy style with the mechanism. Titan Raga watches are all about feeling special, from simple clean modern designs to pieces with intricate dials and motifs, there is a Raga watch to suit your every mood or occasion. Titan Raga FLORA collection was first launched in 2009. It is an exquisite range of watches for women. This collection is inspired by exotic flowers and promises to add sensuality and sparkle to your attire. The designs are simply stunning that will add up a new dimension to the appearance. Every watch from the collection truly represents the values of beauty, femininity and sensuality and has been crafted elegantly in distinctive flower forms and embellished with crystals. Each Flora model radiates a special feminine plus floral charm. All these Flora models are dainty, delicate and elegant. Flora is an enticing range that epitomizes style and impeccable technology. The Flora range showcases golden and silver bodies with bracelet style straps and have water resistant bodies. These models are also studded with American diamond setting. The soul of woman comes alive in flowing enamel motifs, captured in a swirling dial. DIVA series is yet another part of the Titan Raga collection. Each product of this series truly signifies magnificent divas. These beautiful ornate watches as a perfect accessory for the festive season. Inspired by traditional Kundan work, this collection has been rendered in a delightfully contemporary form. This collection is a reiteration of Raga's promise to be an intimate part of the Indian woman's wardrobe and an expression of her distinct style. Every watch in this collection has been meticulously crafted with intricate enamel motifs. Crystals and colorful enamel embellishments impart a rich contemporary appeal. Titan Design Studio has designed this stunning collection. It is a masterstroke of creativity. The ornate designs of these watches make them the perfect accessory to be worn during the festival season when women dress up in their fineries and want to feel their feminine best. Raga Diva range includes models names SELENE, ISISA, FREYA, KIARA. A single glance of ISISA will remind you of traditional wrist bracelets. It marks the ultimate statement of elegancy. In FREYA-crystals and enamel come together in perfect harmony. Gleaming enamel droplets with glowing inner radiance rightly describes KIARA. It is an union of power and grace in the way one has never think of before. Twin halos describe the SELENE in a glowing case. Golden colour is the perfect choice that has toned up the looks.

Through the Raga collection Titan has perfectly reflected the magic charm of its creation, the way it has converted a simple watch to a style statement making it an indispensable part of fashion is just incredible. When you are flaunting a Titan Raga model there is no need to wear any ornament such great are the styles and designs of the models. Rightshopping.in is such a site that has collection of all popular Titan Raga models. Want to check out the gracious looks of these grand Titan collections?? Then have a look at this link www.rightshopping.in/g/Its.asp?C=Ladies Watches-Watches&cid=4&scat=63*&b=Titan. Isn’t it really helpful?? This link is the best option that will satisfy your desire and will help you to pick up the right model of your choice. You can also have a Titan Raga of your own that will make you all the more gracious, desirable.

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  1. This is so cute designs, I like the Titan brands most, btw i love the 3rd one most!

  2. Once again Titan raga enters with its incomparable watches. All the mentioned watches are different enough that we can't get another one like this.

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  3. Titan Raga is gorgeous to say the least! See the latest watches at www.titanwatches.in!

  4. I loved the collection. I shopped a lot of things for my wedding from The fine World.I liked my Ethnic Bracelets for women the most among all.