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If you have Nokia E7 with mobile office, your success doesn’t need a desk at all

Monday, April 30, 2012

Nokia E7-00 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 22,829
Our Price : Rs. 20,632

Communication devices have entered into the new age of technology and the pioneer achievement of this journey being the mobile phones. While hearing stories about the previous modes of communications from the elders, the youth of this generation may be taken well aback. Really it seems like a story now. Mobiles have literally stormed the world of communication. Conversation and conference can be started anywhere at any moment. You will never be parted from your dear ones and special persons. Be it any time and be it anywhere you will never be alone. Loneliness is a bad syndrome and mobile has been the ideal solution of this problem. Nokia is associated with this mobile world for a quite long time now. It has been a decade almost. Nokia has represented so far with many great high profile models. Nokia E7 is one such great model with highly updated features. Nokia E7 is a touch sensitive model also with QWERTY keypad belonging to touch and type smartphone category. E7 has a multitouch capacitive touchscreen. On the point of view from looks and build quality this Nokia smartphone have topped the list of smartphone hierarchy. A smart and handsome mobile that is well crafted with great hardware features. Stylish sliding mechanism unveils the beautifully crafted keyboard when the large display of this model is pushed up. The keyboard allows hassle free smooth typing. Onscreen keypad will also allow you to compose your mails and messages on the swift touch of the keys. The astonishing point about the model is that in spite of double layered model it is much slimmer and less bulky one. Though this model lacks the maximum pixelation still the 8 megapixels camera of this mobile has done a fair job with dual LED flash. You will be able to capture clear realistic images with a great close-up views. Other specifications of this phone consist of its excellent video recording capacity with 16GB memory. It also allows you to surf net and supports 3G features. These mobiles are business oriented models meant for those who need continuous access to Internet. Via Bluetooth you will be able to share and transfer data. If you want to have a close look of this model you must visit RightShopping.in where this model is available in a discounted rate. Brilliantly stuffed with all the high rated features of a smartphone this phone is definitely going to be a topper among the lots.

Nokia has presented its customers with a technologically sophisticated communication device. With a tremendously upgraded phone like this in hand you are bound to be thankful to Nokia for making your tasks all the more easier. As this phone serves the dual purpose of computing to certain extent and as well as the normal communication functions you are in much better position compared to those who lack such phones. Horn up your photographic skills and also this phone can be a good entertaining companion with its multimedia features. Excellent sound quality and the long running battery coverage will be a great aid when you are into gaming or listening to music or while making important calls. For further detailed investigation you should check this link out that will help to jump you to the model directly www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100000922&item=Nokia E700 Mobile Phone. If you have the intention of buying the smartphone with latest technology then the must recommended model must be Nokia E7.

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HTC ChaCha the new Android phone with Blackberry design

Saturday, April 28, 2012

HTC Cha cha Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 17,990
Our Price : Rs. 11,725

Here is the one that network king Mark Zuckerberg is happy of and is endorsing. It has certainly the reason to be the favourite of the network master. The big Blue “f” at the bottom of the phone that is placed in the centre is the basic factor. This remoulded blackberry design of the HTC Mobile with a fantastic QWERTY Keypad is just a dream you can have. When you type on the super keypad that is quite alluring with its smoothness and is built with a distinct quality, you will certainly fall in love with the phone. The Touchscreen is also well responsive. The display quality of the phone is brilliant. HTC ChaCha has achieved a path breaking success round the world with the social networking site gaining the biggest popularity among the young generation.

Mobile Phone is no doubt the most essential thing that you can imagine in today’s world as it has been playing a significant role in all of yours’ life by connecting you all with the other people at the hour of need. There are changes coming in day by day with more and more specifications getting added to the phone. You don’t need to get a PC anymore in order to search into the world of network as it is packed into a small user friendly set in your hand. The super Android sets like the HTC ChaCha stores the latest Android versions for which accessing the other software languages is an easy job for all.

The HTC phone has an exclusive and a wide display screen. The display screen is of size 64.6 x114.4 x 10.7 MM and you are sure to get a super experience with such an awesome touchscreen that has perhaps been never made by HTC. It has gained a worldwide recognition for the super designing and electronic system that are embedded in the phones manufactured by HTC. In India too the company has made a good mark. The latest Android version v2.3 OS is available in the phone. It is a good news for all the Android users as they can use the JAVA software in the phone in a better way. The phone runs on 800 MHz Processor and so the speed with which the works are done by the phone is fantastic.

Excellent connectivity is provided by the phone to the Bluetooth, USB and GPS. There are immense scopes of entertainment in the phone that can change your mood in which you can refresh yourself and can go on working. There are other features in it like, a 5MP Primary Camera and a 0.3MP Secondary Camera, Loudspeakers with high decibel sound systems, Radio FM and spectacular video recording. The Camera is something that you will take a notice at as the images and videos captured are brightly displayed for their high resolution. The phone is 124 gms in weight. It is available in magnificent contrast of white and silver colours.

You can get the detail specifications about the phone in the RightShopping.in, where it is given and order for the product in the following site, www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010115&item=HTC%20Chacha%20Mobile%20Phone. As we have delivery facility all round the country so you can receive the product anywhere in India and at time.

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iBall Aspire QE 45 is embedded with easy to use high technology

Friday, April 27, 2012

iBall Aspire QE 45 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 2,990
Our Price : Rs. 2,095

iBall Aspire QE 45 is a fantastically crafted mobile. The mobile is made up of good quality of material and so can withstand small blows and falls. You can find the Blackberry style of design in the front where the QWERTY keypad is smartly fitted. The mobile is made up of advanced technology that has all the fantastic facilities. The metallic cover along with the ultra sleek design has given a new definition to the iBall mobile. You can use both the languages in the phone that is Hindi and English. The sides are made up of metals

The iBall Aspire QE 45 has a fair internal memory that can store contacts over 2000 in the phonebook and many call records can also be kept. The phone can support memory upto 8 GB, which is a fantastic thing as it allows you to store an ample amount of music, games, videos and other data that you may need. MP3 player is available in the phone so the music in this format can be heard in the phone and not only this, the phone also plays music of WAV and AMR formats. There are many other facilities like adding background music and FM playback facilities are also available in the mobile. iBall Aspire QE 45 has a camera in it with a resolution of 1.3 MP. The pictures taken by the camera or the videos captured are brilliantly displayed in the mobile because of the high resolution that the mobile has. The audio quality of the mobile is great. You can hear the sharp voices or the songs when you will listen. The speakerphones in the mobile are very good as for these the sounds heard are marvellous. The mobile is charged with a Li-On Polymer battery that has enough energy to run for long hours.

Sharing and Connecting data is an activity of fun with the iBall Aspire QE 45 as it provides a fast connection due to the presence of Bluetooth with A2DP. There is a WAP Web Browser in the phone that you can use to connect to the world around you with the help of GPRS 2 G network connection. Internet browsing is a funny time pass for many of you where you get connected with your friends and chat with them for long time to refresh yourself. There are lots of pre-installed games that you can enjoy to play to cheer up your mood. For this reason, the phone is surely to woe the hearts of the youths who will enjoy using the phone that has a lot in its pocket for them.

If you enjoy the fun time with your friends who are one of the best part of your life then just rock on with them no matter where you are. You can be in touch in them or can capture the night parties with them by the iBall phones at your side. You can visit the site www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100009884&item=iBall%20Aspire%20QE%2045%20Mobile%20Phone and can go round the details of the product. You can order for the product from anywhere in the country and can have it by visiting the above site.

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Phillips Hair Dryer, Hair Styler and Hair Straightener give you daily the touch of the Salon within a less span of time

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener
Philips HP8202 Hair Dryer
Philips HP4696/22 6 In 1 Hair Styler
Unit Price : Rs. 1,995
Unit Price : Rs. 1,895
Unit Price : Rs. 1,995
Our Price : Rs. 1,975
Our Price : Rs. 1,725
Our Price : Rs. 1,825
Philips Personal Care Items : More

Beauty and women are the two sides of a coin which is said from early ages by all the men in the world. Women are known as the best creations of God and have always gained appreciation for their beautiful hair, skin, eyes and bodies which are the parts of their beauty. It is obvious that you girls do want to look most trendy among all and want to be the best in the latest fashion. Long and straight hair is the latest buzz among all of you. You all visit parlours when you get time out of your busy schedules and spend some moments and that too with some hassles. You may not get enough time to properly take care of your hairs which is one of the best part of your beauty.

In order to help you look perfect and that too in a very short time, we are presenting before you girls two exciting products from the best electronic good makers in the world, Philips. There are different types of electronic machines that has been developed since many ages whenever the requirements have occurred in the field of beauty and fashion. In this fast moving world it is not possible to do all the works manually or to give much wanted time for long time taking processes. Machines are the only way to make the works faster in your lives so that you can get all the works done in proper time. There are a variety of machines coming out in the market for hair shaping, cutting, drying and straightening. The machines of all companies don’t work well all the time and you may have faced a great amount of problems with the machines that are not working properly. RightShopping.in have selected the best brand for you so that you can be at a great affluence with the important things that you require in your daily life. When you go out of your house then you are enough concerned about your outlook and dress-ups. Among the other things, your hair portion is one of the best things that you are ought to take a look. So, in order to help you to some extent we at www.rightshopping.in have selected the Philips Hair Straightener, Hair Dyer and Hair Styler for you and at an affordable range.

The Philips Hair Dryer is an assemblage of all good features like, a concentrator attachments, 6 Heat Settings and 6 Speed Settings that regulate the heating process in a fine manner. When you use this modern technology equipped Hair Dryer, then you will feel comfortable to use it as it will dry up your wet hair within a short length of time that won’t create any trouble for you when you are in a hurry to go out. No matter whether you have a long length hair or a shorter length, the Dryer will dry your wet hair in very less span of time. The 6 Heat Settings fitted inside generates the proper amount of heat instantly after you switch on and the body of the Dyer is made up of good material that don’t gets heated off and you can easily hold the machine. The power consumption capacity is not much high as it consumes 1600W power. It is provided with a foldable handle and a concentrator will be given along with it. There are Ion Conditioning, EHD+Technology and Cool SirShot features present in the Hair Dryers.

The Philips Hair Straightener is here to give you a permanent break from the narrow Ceramic plates and you will have a new stylish hair with a satisfied result. The extra wide XL Plates have been designed in such a way so that the thick and long hair can be straightened easily without any problem. The increased width will hold more amount of hair in one go and so it will be a fast process for you. The smooth ceramic plates prevent your hair from any kind of damage and will let you get a healthy straight hair for you. The Hair Straightener executes 210C professional high heat that will give you a perfect Hair Straightener like that in the Saloons. There are some other additional features that you will get in this fantastic Hair Straightener like, Swivel Chord Technology that rotates the chord and prevents the tangeling of the wires. It also provides an Ion conditioning for shiny and frizz free hair.

You can have the Philips Hair Multistyler, which will help you to manage your hair and get a trendy look. This machine can yield stunning hairdos like large curls, crimps as well as flicks, ringlets or waves and straight sleek hair. With this amazing machine you can change your thin, long or short hair into a dashing stylish hair. The Styler is made up of good quality of material that can withstand the heat when you use it for long time and prevents your hands from receiving any burns. The tip has a special insulating material that keeps the device in a cool situation so that you can have a comfortable grip over it. There is a slim and compact safety stand on which you can put down your Straightener. The Swivel Cord prevents wire entanglement. The ceramic coated plates gives the Philips Hair Styler a luturous look. The auto-voltage for worldwise usage is a fantastic feature in the Philips HP4696/22 6 In 1 Hair Styler.

Get these much comfort providing machines for you and take care of your hair styles with the expert brand, Philips. You can visit the website www.rightshopping.in and order your desired products. You will get the detail specifications about the products in the sites. We have delivery facilities throughout the country so you can be rest assured that you can get the ordered products for yourself, no matter wherever you want it in India.

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The Right Shots are captured every time when the Canon PowerShot Cameras are clicked

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Canon PowerShot A1200 Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A2200 Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A3200 IS Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A3300 IS Digital Camera
Unit Price: Rs. 4,495
Unit Price: Rs. 5,495
Unit Price: Rs. 6,995
Unit Price: Rs. 7,495
Our Price : Rs. 4,350
Our Price : Rs. 5,295
Our Price : Rs. 6,780
Our Price : Rs. 7,250
Canon PowerShot A800 Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S100 Advanced Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera
Unit Price: Rs. 3,995
Unit Price: Rs. 31,995
Unit Price: Rs. 26,995
Unit Price: Rs. 21,995
Our Price : Rs. 3,856
Our Price : Rs. 30,000
Our Price : Rs. 26,000
Our Price : Rs. 21,000
Canon PowerShot SX150 IS Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Advance Digital Camera
Unit Price: Rs. 9,995
Unit Price: Rs. 28,995
Our Price : Rs. 9,680
Our Price : Rs. 28,000

What can be expected else than getting a brilliant image with the Canon brand in hand! Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras are really the exception in the field of Photography as these cameras capture good quality of images due to the best technology that is feeded in the cameras and these get prepared under the care of Canon. There are long range of Canon Cameras in the RightShopping.in, where you can visit and can go through all the brilliant Cameras from Canon. The cameras are made up of good quality of materials and excellent optics are fitted in it. Since the days of APS, the name Canon is synonymous with excellent quality from all sides. Great look, high quality lenses and solid building quality are what define the cameras of this brand. There are different cameras which have different optical zooming to different resolutions but whichever combination you get, the stunning pictures and videos are sure results of the cameras. The black illuminated CMOS Sensors and HD Videos with the stereo sound effects are the rare features that you will find in the Canon Cameras, which are affordable for all of you who love to wander with their passion and go on framing down their imaginations, the art of which is best known to them. Photography, is one of the most wonderful art that exists on the earth among all of us. There can nothing be as precious as storing the memories or the wonderful views that you can in your one lifetime. The sweet expressions of your beloved, the close-ups with your best friends, the outings with your family or the leisure time chats and pranks with your friends. There are so many to store that one life doesn’t seem enough to capture them. Someday in future, you may live with all the beautiful people you want to stay in touch with or may be alone away from them and this is the time when you will miss them and can cheer up your mood with a call and glancing in the albums of your past. The Canon Cameras have been performing in an wonderful way.

RightShopping.in have selected an exquisite range of Cameras from the Canon house for you. If you are a passionate photographer, then you ought to take a look, where excellence is known by the name of ‘Perfect Shot.’ There are some digital cameras from Canon that are having all easy manuals which are all easy to use and so anybody can learn the use of the manuals within a short period of time. The Canon PowerShot A3200 IS and Canon PowerShot A2200 Cameras have a high resolution of 14.1 MP. This results into crystal clear images that have a brilliant effect. They have a broad LCD Screen that is of 2.7 inch. The wide angle lens of 28mm to 112 mm captures fantastic group images. There are certain other features like Optical image stabilizer, Face Detection, Auto Red-Eye Correction and Built-in-Flash. The Creative Filters is an impressive feature available in PowerShot A2200. The Canon PowerShot A1200 Digital Camera is another well featured Camera that has a 12.1 MP Resolution . The 2.7 inch LCD Monitor facilitates a good focal length. There is a genuine optical viewfinder in the Camera. The traditional method of composing Photographs is a favourite method of many photographers and this camera will provide them enough scope to do that. Not only you can frame good images but also can store High Definition Videos with the PowerShot A1200 Digicam. It is compact with super attributes like Low Light Photos, Creative Filters, Smart Auto Modes and Built-in Flash. The other Cameras in the range like the Canon PowerShot G12 Digicam, Canon PowerShot S95 Digicam and Canon PowerShot A800 Digicam are the one that you can go for if you are looking for a start with the digicams. The cameras are easy to handle and all the buttons are perfectly placed in the right place. The picture and the video quality of the camera is great. They are very bright and clear in appearance and appear very close to real. These are moderate priced Cameras that have a great optical zooming of 5x and 4x . The cameras are built with the latest DIGIC 4 Processor for which the cameras work in a super speed. All the rest features are fantastic with a resolution of 10 MP. The Canon PowerShot A3300 and Canon PowerShot SX 150 are the two exclusive Cameras available at our site. Both of these Cameras have a high resolution of 16 MP and 14 MP that produces clear and bright images. The wide TFT LCD Screens of 2 inches is super. They have a high optical zooming ability that can zoom upto 12x. The high standard videos that are captured by the super lensed Cameras are brilliantly displayed on the LCD Screen. Truly these Cameras are breathtaking which will provide you a new boost of energy to glorify your talent as a Photographer.

Take a detail look into the features provided in the Canon Camera section at www.rightshopping.in and select the one that comes under your budget and choice so that you go on capturing your dreams by utilising the latest technology available in the field. You can order by visiting the above Links and will get the delivery of the product in time. We have a good name in the Art of Delivery and will make the ordered product reach in time and to any place in India as we have branches round the country.

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Your dream of having budget-friendly smartphone from Nokia comes alive with the appearance of Nokia 5233

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nokia 5233 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 6,669
Our Price : Rs. 6,049

Nokia is one of the leading telecommunication brands from Finland that has created a stir in the communication world. It is the pioneer mobile brand that has played the role of most effective catalyst in popularising mobiles in India. Now Nokia has turned into a household name in India and you can found at least one Nokia phone almost in every Indian house. Such great is the popularity of this particular brand in our country!! It has played the key role due to which mobile phones in present times has become so much preferred gadget among all age groups of Indians. Be it a school student or a very high profile working official-everyone will find their life equally difficult without this small device. Nokia has surprised us with its new innovative models all through these years. Though Nokia has now a few worthy competitors in the market still it has hold its firm position in the market. Nokia has now aimed to capture the smartphone market too. Thus it has launched a couple of brilliant models within a short span. Nokia 5233 is one such model but it is also available in a pretty affordable price. Those who have dreamt of having a smartphone that too from Nokia within the range of 6-7k easily can go for this model. Again if you buy it from RightShopping.in then you can have this very model in a much discounted price compared to the usual market rate. Nokia is now manufacturing cheaper sets but still retains all the relevant features. Nokia 5233 is a touchscreen smartphone with good resolution. Highly responsive screen-you can operate with tip of your finger as well as with stylus that is provided along with the model. The touch sensitive media bar option just above the display makes it really easy for you to access all multimedia features. A well crafted piece of hardware with a beautifully streamlined body makes the phone all the more stylish. Though this smartphone lacks high pixel camera lens still 2megapixel camera of this model with 3x optical zoom manages to capture clear images. White balance mode, landscape orientation, self-timer and image editor help to boost up your photographic spirit. It helps you to capture and store all your unforgettable memories that makes you smile whenever you take a glance of them. This model also supports video recording. Long lasting battery life of this model for almost 7 hours will help you to get rid of charging very often. The rear side of the phone contains the camera and the attached stylus. It allows easy net access through the GPRS feature of this phone. Bluetooth allows to share, exchange and transfer different multimedia files. As an added feature this unique touchscreen device is also equipped with document viewer with support for PDF as well as for office files and documents. At the bottom of the touchscreen a loudspeaker is located. Also has headphone containing 3.5mm jack. You can play music either in the loudspeaker mode or via headphone. In any mode you are going to have a great experience as it has a good audio capacity.

Hope the brief overview of this model was useful for all the admirers of this model. Want to have a further look? Then you must have a look at this attached link www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100000293&item=Nokia%205233%20Mobile%20Phone. If you still have any doubt then check this link in details so that you have a clear idea about this model and about its price and service. Those with the unfulfilled desire of buying a smartphone within their tight budget can go for this model without much hesitation.

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HTC Wildfire S is a stylish smartphone with high defined technology

Saturday, April 21, 2012

HTC Wildfire S Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 15,990
Our Price : Rs. 13,325

“Hello....” and then the conversation follows. Sometime the rings calling you up or the speaking alarm waking you from the dream. It is the storehouse of your memories that are stored in the frames or videos that you have lived sometime in your life. It enchants you with the melodious music or cheers up your mood with the funny activities in it through which you may sometime lead the childhood days, which spent under much delight and joy. It is nothing else than your all time friend “Mobile Phones.” There are many mobile brands in the market that are coming out with much more technical upgradations in them. You can find all the details of the phones of different brands in the RightShopping.in.

Among the other brands that you will find with all exclusive designs, we choose for the time the much talked HTC Wildfire S Mobile that has attracted every eye with its spectacular design and display. The brilliant touchscreen mobile from HTC is packed with all super features. The mobile runs Android 2.1 with the user friendly HTC Sense UI. The mobile runs on a super processor that has many other programs running inside and at a great speed. You can access different programming languages in the mobile. There are several other features in the phone. It has a wide and glossy display screen where the display of texts, pictures or the videos are marvellous. The weight of the phone is very less and so it is much more easy to handle and carry.

The touchscreen phone is available in vivid colours like, Black, Silver, Brown, Dark Grey and Lilac. This is no doubt a budget phone that will be favourite among all of you, who all have been searching for a good mobile at a low price. The in-built processor is super as for it the Phone works with a great speed. The 5 MP Camera captures good amount of photos and videos that are really appreciable. The Phone is charged with a standard battery that works for good length of time. There is a big storage facility in the phone that is expandable upto 32 GB. You can store ample amount of movies and songs that will be the biggest mode of entertainment for you when you are bored with your routine works. All the connectivities that are in the mobile works in a super way. Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN, and USB are some fine features that you can find in the phone. There are an array of features like Camera, loudspeaker, radio and video. Now searching information in Google or Chatting with friends will be a fun filled activity for you. In HTC Wildfire S you can also access all the programs that are JAVA supported.

If you want detail specifications about the phone then you can visit www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100008799&item=HTC%20Wildfire%20S%20Mobile%20Phone and can check them out. Our delivery is famous around the country and we have a good name in the art of delivery. You will get your gifts delivered in time and at right time anywhere in the country.

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iBall brought out extravagant Stylish Flipper, Glider and Glam3 mobile phones in India

Friday, April 20, 2012

iBall Flipper Mobile Phone
iBall Glider Mobile Phone
iBall Glam3 Mobile phone
Unit Price : Rs. 4,999
Unit Price : Rs. 5,499
Unit Price : Rs. 4,495
Our Price : Rs. 2,985
Our Price : Rs. 2,995
Our Price : Rs. 3,654
iBall Mobile Phones : More

The iBall Flipper, Glider and Glam3 mobiles are the latest stylish phones brought in the market by the iBall mobile company that is the result of some excellent research and so are making all the unique phones that are affordable at a low range. These two phones are made up of good quality of materials and for this reason they hold a strong nature. iBall, is one of the good mobile phone companies and has created a strong base in India, where there is a huge craze for low priced and high featured mobile phones.

iBall Glider mobile phones are available in two shades, that is, Black and Gold and White and Gold shades. In both the shades the Glider mobiles look stunning and is super at the performance side. The TFT display screen is very shiny and the images are displayed in a crystal clear way. The size of the screen is 2.6 inches. The phone provides a high speed connectivity and it will not be a tough job for you anymore to access the data of different types. iBall Glider facilitates you with WAP Browsers and GPRS. The battery of the phone is of standard quality. During your boring hours you can get amused by playing games for sometime in the Glider or can listen to the FM Radio. There are other features in the mobile present like, Bluetooth and USB. These are a big amount of features present in the low cost phone along with the others as this gives you a chance to get out and transfer or exchange data from your PC or other mobiles. When you carry this mobile then you actually carry two phones at a time as it offers you to carry two SIM s at a time.

The candid iBall Flipper mobiles are great. This is a bar phone specially for the youngsters as this perfectly suits their personalities with a fresh and youthful colors that the phone is covered with like Black and Gold and special Black. The keypad is very smooth and works smooth with a good quality processing device fitted inside the phone. The 2.4 inch display screen is fantastic as it adds a good look to the mobiles. The pictures displayed are very clear because of good resolution. There is a Dual Camera with a digital zoom that captures images which appears very close to the real ones. You can spend your boring hours by listening to the music on the FM Radio and there is a video recording option in the phone. Dual SIM is one of the best features of the phone that will help you to carry two phones in one pack. The speakers and batteries of the phone is of good quality.

The Flamboyant iBall Glam mobile is another stylish mobile that is exclusively made for the Gen Y, who are all fashion concerned and love to carry with them the things that suits their style statement. The uniquely designed mobile that has all brilliant features under its umbrella. The glamorous Glam 3 mobile is made up of excellent white and mauve colour contrast. This smart mobile has a 2.6 inches display screen that has a good resolution for which images and videos are displayed in a fantastic manner. You can carry two SIM in this mobile. The 2 MP Camera captures brilliant pictures. There are other attributes in the mobile like, MP3 Sound, FM and Games. The mobile is a high tech one and so it access the JAVA based softwares. Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS and Browsers are all available in this fashionable set from iBall.

If you are looking for some cheap rated and good quality phone which can go with the modern fashion and keep up to your style statement then your choice lies here with these two candid sets from the house of iBall. You don’t need to pamper about where to wander to get them. All you need to do is to visit the website www.rightshopping.in. Here you can go through the detail specifications about the products and order for them. We will make your ordered products reach to you or to your other desired address anyplace in India.

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