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HTC ChaCha the new Android phone with Blackberry design

Saturday, April 28, 2012

HTC Cha cha Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 17,990
Our Price : Rs. 11,725

Here is the one that network king Mark Zuckerberg is happy of and is endorsing. It has certainly the reason to be the favourite of the network master. The big Blue “f” at the bottom of the phone that is placed in the centre is the basic factor. This remoulded blackberry design of the HTC Mobile with a fantastic QWERTY Keypad is just a dream you can have. When you type on the super keypad that is quite alluring with its smoothness and is built with a distinct quality, you will certainly fall in love with the phone. The Touchscreen is also well responsive. The display quality of the phone is brilliant. HTC ChaCha has achieved a path breaking success round the world with the social networking site gaining the biggest popularity among the young generation.

Mobile Phone is no doubt the most essential thing that you can imagine in today’s world as it has been playing a significant role in all of yours’ life by connecting you all with the other people at the hour of need. There are changes coming in day by day with more and more specifications getting added to the phone. You don’t need to get a PC anymore in order to search into the world of network as it is packed into a small user friendly set in your hand. The super Android sets like the HTC ChaCha stores the latest Android versions for which accessing the other software languages is an easy job for all.

The HTC phone has an exclusive and a wide display screen. The display screen is of size 64.6 x114.4 x 10.7 MM and you are sure to get a super experience with such an awesome touchscreen that has perhaps been never made by HTC. It has gained a worldwide recognition for the super designing and electronic system that are embedded in the phones manufactured by HTC. In India too the company has made a good mark. The latest Android version v2.3 OS is available in the phone. It is a good news for all the Android users as they can use the JAVA software in the phone in a better way. The phone runs on 800 MHz Processor and so the speed with which the works are done by the phone is fantastic.

Excellent connectivity is provided by the phone to the Bluetooth, USB and GPS. There are immense scopes of entertainment in the phone that can change your mood in which you can refresh yourself and can go on working. There are other features in it like, a 5MP Primary Camera and a 0.3MP Secondary Camera, Loudspeakers with high decibel sound systems, Radio FM and spectacular video recording. The Camera is something that you will take a notice at as the images and videos captured are brightly displayed for their high resolution. The phone is 124 gms in weight. It is available in magnificent contrast of white and silver colours.

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