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iBall brought out extravagant Stylish Flipper, Glider and Glam3 mobile phones in India

Friday, April 20, 2012

iBall Flipper Mobile Phone
iBall Glider Mobile Phone
iBall Glam3 Mobile phone
Unit Price : Rs. 4,999
Unit Price : Rs. 5,499
Unit Price : Rs. 4,495
Our Price : Rs. 2,985
Our Price : Rs. 2,995
Our Price : Rs. 3,654
iBall Mobile Phones : More

The iBall Flipper, Glider and Glam3 mobiles are the latest stylish phones brought in the market by the iBall mobile company that is the result of some excellent research and so are making all the unique phones that are affordable at a low range. These two phones are made up of good quality of materials and for this reason they hold a strong nature. iBall, is one of the good mobile phone companies and has created a strong base in India, where there is a huge craze for low priced and high featured mobile phones.

iBall Glider mobile phones are available in two shades, that is, Black and Gold and White and Gold shades. In both the shades the Glider mobiles look stunning and is super at the performance side. The TFT display screen is very shiny and the images are displayed in a crystal clear way. The size of the screen is 2.6 inches. The phone provides a high speed connectivity and it will not be a tough job for you anymore to access the data of different types. iBall Glider facilitates you with WAP Browsers and GPRS. The battery of the phone is of standard quality. During your boring hours you can get amused by playing games for sometime in the Glider or can listen to the FM Radio. There are other features in the mobile present like, Bluetooth and USB. These are a big amount of features present in the low cost phone along with the others as this gives you a chance to get out and transfer or exchange data from your PC or other mobiles. When you carry this mobile then you actually carry two phones at a time as it offers you to carry two SIM s at a time.

The candid iBall Flipper mobiles are great. This is a bar phone specially for the youngsters as this perfectly suits their personalities with a fresh and youthful colors that the phone is covered with like Black and Gold and special Black. The keypad is very smooth and works smooth with a good quality processing device fitted inside the phone. The 2.4 inch display screen is fantastic as it adds a good look to the mobiles. The pictures displayed are very clear because of good resolution. There is a Dual Camera with a digital zoom that captures images which appears very close to the real ones. You can spend your boring hours by listening to the music on the FM Radio and there is a video recording option in the phone. Dual SIM is one of the best features of the phone that will help you to carry two phones in one pack. The speakers and batteries of the phone is of good quality.

The Flamboyant iBall Glam mobile is another stylish mobile that is exclusively made for the Gen Y, who are all fashion concerned and love to carry with them the things that suits their style statement. The uniquely designed mobile that has all brilliant features under its umbrella. The glamorous Glam 3 mobile is made up of excellent white and mauve colour contrast. This smart mobile has a 2.6 inches display screen that has a good resolution for which images and videos are displayed in a fantastic manner. You can carry two SIM in this mobile. The 2 MP Camera captures brilliant pictures. There are other attributes in the mobile like, MP3 Sound, FM and Games. The mobile is a high tech one and so it access the JAVA based softwares. Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS and Browsers are all available in this fashionable set from iBall.

If you are looking for some cheap rated and good quality phone which can go with the modern fashion and keep up to your style statement then your choice lies here with these two candid sets from the house of iBall. You don’t need to pamper about where to wander to get them. All you need to do is to visit the website www.rightshopping.in. Here you can go through the detail specifications about the products and order for them. We will make your ordered products reach to you or to your other desired address anyplace in India.

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