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Intex Dual Sim Mobile Phones are the cheapest and the smartest means of communication

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Intex IN 1010 Neo Mobile Phone
Intex IN 4370 Kool Mobile Phone
Intex IN 007 Maxima Mobile Phone
Intex IN 001 Hot Shot Mobile Phone
Unit Price: Rs. 1,500
Unit Price: Rs. 3,100
Unit Price: Rs. 2,290
Unit Price: Rs. 2,300
Our Price : Rs. 1,301
Our Price : Rs. 1,699
Our Price : Rs. 1,825
Our Price : Rs. 2,191
Intex IN 4470N Plus Mobile Phone
Intex IN 50 Mobile Phone
Intex Royale Mobile Phone
Intex IN 4500 Thunder Mobile Phone
Unit Price: Rs. 3,800
Unit Price: Rs. 2,999
Unit Price: Rs. 2,990
Unit Price: Rs. 2,700
Our Price : Rs. 2,209
Our Price : Rs. 2,250
Our Price : Rs. 2,259
Our Price : Rs. 2,299
Intex IN 009T Flash Mobile Phone
Intex IN 4570 Xplode Mobile Phone
Intex IN 777 3G Gold Mobile Phone
Intex IN8809 V.show Mobile Phone
Unit Price: Rs. 2,700
Unit Price: Rs. 3,800
Unit Price: Rs. 6,100
Unit Price: Rs. 9,400
Our Price : Rs. 2,299
Our Price : Rs. 2,390
Our Price : Rs. 3,199
Our Price : Rs. 4,875

Electronic devices are fast becoming your essential part of life and you are becoming dependent on these things. It has made your life faster and has created a revolution in the field of modernisation. As the technology is improving at a faster rate to meet your increasing needs, the systems involved in it are replaced by smarter ones that are designed by the innovative minds with smarter upgradations. Communication has become a matter of seconds in this tech world and you don’t need to worry about how to communicate your dear ones when you need to do. Mobiles, Land Phones, Tablet PCs and Internets are a few mediums through which people can communicate others and stay in touch. Among these the most popular service selected for communication is mobile. The short size and easy use of the manuals has made its preference high among the other means of communications. A person from one country is able to communicate a person of the other country.

In this booming technological world, everything is getting a new look to carry up with changing taste of the people. When this is the need of the hour, then the companies are not far behind with their innovative ideas. Mobiles, the most popular way of communication, have also today developed with great modifications in the electronic field. From Hand Held Radio Transceivers of 1940s to the modern Cellular Networks, that allows pervasive use of mobile phones for voice and data communications. It has been a great change that has also affected the life of the people. Mobiles have become a very important thing that you all carry when you are out on other works. Today, these mobiles are available at much lower rates and any of you can afford the fastest means of communication. You may sometime need to communicate someone in emergency or to ask something when you are in an urgent need. It is not always that you can find a phone near you when you are out so it will be safe for you if you will carry a mobile phone with you as at the hour of need you can contact the right person you want to do. The Intex Mobile Phone Company has brought to you a number of smart age mobiles, which are all available at an affordable range. There are different types of mobiles available in this company. Intex Neo, Kool, Lava, Royale, Explode, Maxima, Shine, Hot Shot etc. are some of the famous names under this brand. Each mobile has a stylish design, huge memory and super speed of connectivity. Intex IN 1010 Neo and Intex IN 007 are dual SIM mobiles, 1010 Neo provide you a 16 GB memory in it where you can store an ample amount of information. Intex IN 4370 Kool and IN 4070 Shine have FM and Video Recording facilities. Intex IN 4500 and Intex IN 50 and Intex Royale are some exquisite mobile among the others that you are sure to take a look on. You can access Bluetooth in these mobiles, which has all other features packed like, huge memory, good keypad and sound system. If you are looking for a more smarter phone then you can go for Intex IN 4666, which is a QWERTY pad mobile, having dual SIM, camera, long hours of battery talk time and a lot of other features with a QVGA display screen. The list does not just end with these, but there are a huge number of mobiles that you can select at an affordable rate.

RightShopping.in provides you with an exclusive range of Intex mobiles that you can select by clicking on www.rightshopping.in/g/Its.asp?C=Dual Sim-Mobile-Phone&cid=1&b=Intex, where you will get more detail about the products and you can comfortably choose your smart phone by sitting at your office or at your home. There are all the specifications available regarding each mobile in the above mentioned site where you will get to know about your queries.

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