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Nokia presents X2-01, a GSM mobile phone with QWERTY keypad within your reach

Monday, April 2, 2012

Nokia X2-01 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 3,909
Our Price : Rs. 3,586

Gone are those days when mobiles are considered to be only meant for the rich people and was confined within the elite society. In today’s society popularity of mobiles has turned into a social phenomenon. Mobile is now not restricted within any class but has been evenly distributed among all segments of people. Now you can see mobile even in the hands of porters and daily wagers too. Mobiles manufacturers are receiving great response from all sectors. It seems entire nation is down with mobile fever- a perfect state to term as “Mobile Mania”. Among the reputed brands Nokia plays a significant role and has ignited this flames of mobile mania. With the aim of spreading Nokia mobiles in every nook and corner of India it has launched several budget friendly models with excellent features. The old hardy models from Nokia are vastly replaced by this low cost mobile range. QWERTY keypad mobile phones are new releases in the mobile scenario. With the fast development of Mobile Phone, the functions in mobile phones are becoming more and more stronger than before. Latest being the QWERTY mobiles. QWERTY keypad gives the same feel that we have while typing in PCs or laptops. But till date common people was unable to afford such phones. Nokia has changed this concept of late. Nokia X2-01 is a recent inclusion in this list. Since the time of arrival it is like a spark that spreaded like a fire everywhere. New representation from Nokia equipped with mindblowing options that too in an attractive low price. Nokia X2-01 is a hassle free convenient fast messaging device with an executive look. In spite of its cheap cot Nokia hasn’t compromised with the build quality. It is a great support for web navigation. Other than these Nokia X2-01 is packed with important features that has made it all the more special. It is earning the credits of the customers since its appearance. Distinct features of this model have allowed it to stand apart from the other Nokia low cost representations. Certain specifications of this pocket communication device are web browsing connectivity, Bluetooth, FM radio, camera, good sound quality and many others. Although this model lacks megapixel camera still the existing VGA camera will serve your purpose quite efficiently. This mobile can be your ideal music companion. You can enjoy your favourite songs here. Also a gaming companion for teenagers. Nokia X2-01 is uploaded with all mobile features and also provides computer services to certain extent. Another important point that we always keep in our mind while searching for a good mobile is its battery life. Thankfully this mobile leaves no grudges regarding this. Like all other Nokia models it too has a great battery period. You can stay connected with your friends for long time.

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