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Philips juice extractor will refresh you up during hot summer days

Friday, April 13, 2012

Philips HL1631/J Juice Extractor

Unit Price : Rs. 1,995
Our Price : Rs. 1625

Fruit juices are the most refreshing drinks especially in summer. If you have a juice extractor at home there is absolutely no need to rush to the fruit juice stalls. You can enjoy the refreshing taste and flavour of fresh fruits sitting in your own home relaxing. What better solution can you think of during summer afternoons!! Chilling out with a highly energised glass of fruit juice-simply heavenly. Tropical countries like India experiences long summer day hours. Scorching heat of the sun becomes rather unbearable. When out in streets we look out for refreshing drinks to beat the heat. If you have a juice extractor at home you can enjoy enriching fruit splash experience by sitting at your cosy room only. It is a healthy habit to have a fruit or vegetable juice regularly as part of our daily routine. Home made fruit and vegetable extractions are rich source of all essential nutrients for building our body. A juice extractor is such a device that separates or extracts out juice from the fruit pulps. Not necessarily only from the fruits but also may be from the vegetables, leafy greens or herbs also. Previously this device was manually operated. Manual devices require much more effort than the modern types. But as days have passed electric juicer has appeared the scene has changed a lot since the older times. The electric operated juice extracting device has made our tasks all the more easier. In our busy life juice extractors are gaining fast popularity. A juice extractor on the kitchen counter is a brilliant culinary solution for the busy folks. If you are intending to buy a juice extractor you may peek into our site RightShopping.in. Brand Philips is a trend setter icon in the electronic market. Be it electrical gadgets or even home appliances Phillips has made its mark in every field. Check out the Philips juice extractor in our site. There are so many models and brands available at present. So while making an attempt to choose the right model you have to keep certain important points in mind. Ease of cleaning and the speed of juicing can be considered as the most important factors for many people. Philips HL 1631/J Juicer consists of jars that are made up of high quality steel. This juicer enables you to extract juice without the seeds due to the reverse spiral sieve present in it. The jars can be cleaned up easily without any fuss saving our precious time. The motor has 500 watt which is very durable and gives the juicer a longer life.

Are you conscious about your health? Do Juices form a regular part of your diet routine?? Want to make your task easier? Then go for a juice extractor and make your task easier for yourself. Confused with all the models just check out the Phillips juice grinder in this link www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100009612&item=Philips HL1631/JJuice Extractor before opting for any other models.

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