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Phillips Hair Dryer, Hair Styler and Hair Straightener give you daily the touch of the Salon within a less span of time

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener
Philips HP8202 Hair Dryer
Philips HP4696/22 6 In 1 Hair Styler
Unit Price : Rs. 1,995
Unit Price : Rs. 1,895
Unit Price : Rs. 1,995
Our Price : Rs. 1,975
Our Price : Rs. 1,725
Our Price : Rs. 1,825
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Beauty and women are the two sides of a coin which is said from early ages by all the men in the world. Women are known as the best creations of God and have always gained appreciation for their beautiful hair, skin, eyes and bodies which are the parts of their beauty. It is obvious that you girls do want to look most trendy among all and want to be the best in the latest fashion. Long and straight hair is the latest buzz among all of you. You all visit parlours when you get time out of your busy schedules and spend some moments and that too with some hassles. You may not get enough time to properly take care of your hairs which is one of the best part of your beauty.

In order to help you look perfect and that too in a very short time, we are presenting before you girls two exciting products from the best electronic good makers in the world, Philips. There are different types of electronic machines that has been developed since many ages whenever the requirements have occurred in the field of beauty and fashion. In this fast moving world it is not possible to do all the works manually or to give much wanted time for long time taking processes. Machines are the only way to make the works faster in your lives so that you can get all the works done in proper time. There are a variety of machines coming out in the market for hair shaping, cutting, drying and straightening. The machines of all companies don’t work well all the time and you may have faced a great amount of problems with the machines that are not working properly. RightShopping.in have selected the best brand for you so that you can be at a great affluence with the important things that you require in your daily life. When you go out of your house then you are enough concerned about your outlook and dress-ups. Among the other things, your hair portion is one of the best things that you are ought to take a look. So, in order to help you to some extent we at www.rightshopping.in have selected the Philips Hair Straightener, Hair Dyer and Hair Styler for you and at an affordable range.

The Philips Hair Dryer is an assemblage of all good features like, a concentrator attachments, 6 Heat Settings and 6 Speed Settings that regulate the heating process in a fine manner. When you use this modern technology equipped Hair Dryer, then you will feel comfortable to use it as it will dry up your wet hair within a short length of time that won’t create any trouble for you when you are in a hurry to go out. No matter whether you have a long length hair or a shorter length, the Dryer will dry your wet hair in very less span of time. The 6 Heat Settings fitted inside generates the proper amount of heat instantly after you switch on and the body of the Dyer is made up of good material that don’t gets heated off and you can easily hold the machine. The power consumption capacity is not much high as it consumes 1600W power. It is provided with a foldable handle and a concentrator will be given along with it. There are Ion Conditioning, EHD+Technology and Cool SirShot features present in the Hair Dryers.

The Philips Hair Straightener is here to give you a permanent break from the narrow Ceramic plates and you will have a new stylish hair with a satisfied result. The extra wide XL Plates have been designed in such a way so that the thick and long hair can be straightened easily without any problem. The increased width will hold more amount of hair in one go and so it will be a fast process for you. The smooth ceramic plates prevent your hair from any kind of damage and will let you get a healthy straight hair for you. The Hair Straightener executes 210C professional high heat that will give you a perfect Hair Straightener like that in the Saloons. There are some other additional features that you will get in this fantastic Hair Straightener like, Swivel Chord Technology that rotates the chord and prevents the tangeling of the wires. It also provides an Ion conditioning for shiny and frizz free hair.

You can have the Philips Hair Multistyler, which will help you to manage your hair and get a trendy look. This machine can yield stunning hairdos like large curls, crimps as well as flicks, ringlets or waves and straight sleek hair. With this amazing machine you can change your thin, long or short hair into a dashing stylish hair. The Styler is made up of good quality of material that can withstand the heat when you use it for long time and prevents your hands from receiving any burns. The tip has a special insulating material that keeps the device in a cool situation so that you can have a comfortable grip over it. There is a slim and compact safety stand on which you can put down your Straightener. The Swivel Cord prevents wire entanglement. The ceramic coated plates gives the Philips Hair Styler a luturous look. The auto-voltage for worldwise usage is a fantastic feature in the Philips HP4696/22 6 In 1 Hair Styler.

Get these much comfort providing machines for you and take care of your hair styles with the expert brand, Philips. You can visit the website www.rightshopping.in and order your desired products. You will get the detail specifications about the products in the sites. We have delivery facilities throughout the country so you can be rest assured that you can get the ordered products for yourself, no matter wherever you want it in India.

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  1. This is a very good best hair straighteners for the price. The brush bristles on it make it a 2-in-1 product, allowing me to skip brushing each section of hair as I straighten. It saved time and got hot enough to straighten my wavy hair. I would also say the varying heat options make this a great option for beginners. (I would also say that the packaging was very impressive, making this a great gift option.