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Celebration of the relation that starts even before you are born

Saturday, May 12, 2012

“You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be -
I had a mother who read to me.”
  - Strickland Gillilan

God couldn’t afford to be everywhere all the time, that’s the reason Mothers were created. Doesn’t matter even if you believe in the existence of god. When you mean god, you pay homage to the one whom you have never seen, who is unknown to you. You don’t even known whom to approach when you need the presence of god, and the relation called Motherhood was created just to treat you with the unconditional love and care that you will be having for the rest of your life. All the other relations start after you are born, but the relation with your mother stays longer by nine more months. She just relentlessly keeps serving for you, never gets tired of loving you, no matter what phase you are going through, she is always there by your side, and even if you have issues against her, she never goes against you. Possible, that you may leave her, find her incompetent to adjust your lifestyle and hence she doesn’t have any place in your own family anymore, still, she’ll never complain a single word against you. You must have heard that famous story that once a young man was deeply in love with a lady. That lady wanted to test the intensity of love that young man kept for her, and to test that, she ordered that man, “ you must kill your mother and cut her heart fresh and that’s the gift I want from you”. That young man obeyed her order, and was on route, keeping the freshly cut heart in his hand. That man was in a hurry and couldn’t wait longer to gift his sweetheart the one she wanted. Suddenly, he just fell down, and to his utter surprise, a voice coming from heart, worriedly asked him” Son, are you alright?” simply, to the world she might just be one person, but to you in person, she might just be the world. That’s what a mother means to you in life.

When you are out to define who a mother is, a mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. Celebration of Mother’s Day isn’t about celebrating her contributions in your life, because, you exist because of her, and no celebration is worth to reciprocate to her presence in life. You celebrate this day to celebrate your existence, and on every 2nd Sunday of the month of May, you have the extra reasons to go ecstatic, and of course lucky, because you got the opportunity to experience what a Mother’s presence actually is in life. When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, it comprises a series of activities to make the day really special. There are different ways through which you can express your love and gratitude for your mom. You ought to make her know how dear you hold her and how indispensable she is. If you and your mother live in different cities, you can plan a family gathering day to celebrate this special day. This would serve as the perfect gift for your mom. If you are a kid, your momma is your angel, if you are a teenager, she is your best pal and if you are an adult, she is your best secret-sharer. Throughout her life, she has been playing different roles in your life to make it smoother and easy-going. She has showered you with love when you needed it the most; she has been the stress reliever when you were overstressed due to your forthcoming examinations, she has been your support when all other people around you were underestimating you, she has been the shoulder to cry when you had a break up. You can look back at any stage of your life and find your mother standing by you with that never fading smile of hers. Mothers' Day is a day exclusively dedicated to all the mothers across the world. Needless to say, she is the most precious gift bestowed on us by god. When a child is born, the first word that s/he learns to speak is 'mother'. A mother means everything to a child. In fact she means the world to the child. When the child doesn't see her around, s/he tends to get upset. Thus, a mother occupies a very special place in the life of any human being. In order to celebrate Mother's Day in almost all the countries, elaborate preparations are made for celebrations. If you wish to know the various ways of celebrating Mother's Day holiday, read on.

Mother's Day celebrates the glorious ideal of love and sacrifice called motherhood. It is a special day for all mothers. It is also is a great opportunity for us to thanks and show respect towards the lady who has done so much for us. Mother’s Day means making our moms feel proud and special. Mother’s Day is a concept born in the age of the Romans and since then, it has been celebrated in different parts of the world in various ways. Mother's Day is the special day for a very special woman. Children should consider it essential to acknowledge their mothers with some special arrangements, for being fortunate to be blessed with such great figure. The day is glorified by giving gifts like chocolates, cards, crockery, apparels and jewelry to mothers on this day. This day is dedicated to thank all mothers for their responsibilities and hardships they undertake in a child's upbringing. This festival is celebrated across 48 countries on various days. Though the days of celebration are different, the feeling and essence remains the same all over - to show gratitude for their efforts. The Mother’s Day celebration has undergone a big transformation in the recent years. Earlier Mother’s Day celebration included praying for the well being of the mother, feasting and a barbeque. But soon the western ideas began to be adopted by others places of the world. Today the Mother’s Day celebration involves sending gifts of love to dear moms. There are stores that have come up with a huge array of gifts like cakes, flowers, jewellery, and memorable show pieces. There are photo albums gifted to moms which can take her down the memory lane. The basic idea behind these gifts is make mothers feel happy and rejoiced. Some also make handmade gifts to show their respect and affection for their mother. Grown up children prefer to buy gifts from the stores ranging from clothes, accessories to jewelry. Some people arrange for get together with their moms and throw parties in the honor of their dear moms. People staying away from the families make efforts to spend the day with mothers to make them feel special. This way Mothers Day has turned out to be family reunion day for many. While those who cannot visit their moms call their mother on phone and send greeting cards to express their gratitude and love for them.

England was one of the first countries to set aside a day to recognize mothers. In the eighteenth century when many people worked as household servants for the rich, "Mothering Sunday" was reserved for them to return home to be with their mothers. Though this custom stopped when the Industrial Revolution altered the working and living patterns of the people, one Sunday for Mothers was established as a holiday in the twentieth century. In the United States, Mother's Day did not become an official holiday until 1915. Its establishment was due largely to the perseverance and love of one daughter, Anna Jarvis. Anna's Mother had provided strength and support as the family made their home in West Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where her father served as a minister. As a girl, Anna had helped her mother take care of her garden, mostly filled with white carnations, her Mother's favorite flower. When Mrs. Jarvis died on May 5, 1905, Anna was determined to honor her. She asked the minister at her church in West Virginia to give a sermon in her Mother's memory. On the same Sunday in Philadelphia, their minister honored Mrs. Jarvis and all mothers with a special Mother's Day service. Anna Jarvis began writing to congressmen, asking them to set aside a day to honor mothers. In 1910, the governor of West Virginia proclaimed the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day and a year later every state celebrated it.

When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, it comprises a series of activities to make the day really special. There are different ways through which you can express your love and gratitude for your mom. You ought to make her know how dear you hold her and how indispensable she is. If you and your mother live in different cities, you can plan a family gathering day to celebrate this special day. This would serve as the perfect gift for your mom. As a part of Mother's Day celebration, you can also make a nice handmade card and gift it along with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Handmade cards always add a personalized touch to any occasion. Do not forget to write some touching quotes or poems about mothers inside the card. If you wish to do something different, you can plan a nice getaway for your mother and do small special things for her like reading Mother's Day thank you poems. Make her favorite recipes or if you plan to go to a restaurant, give her a lavish treatment and make her feel like a queen. In your own unique way, you can express what she means to you and thank her for everything that she has done for you, be it those sleepless nights when you were unwell or her tenderly touch that made you feel that you are not alone in this world.

Let this Mother's Day be an ultra special day for not only your mom but your grandma too. Make them feel that they hold the most special place in your heart. Here are few tips exclusively for making your mother' day special. You can interview your mother. Let her feel how much interest you take in her life. Ask about her childhood, her kindergarten friends, her teenage, her first crush, her favorite job, the day you were born and any other thing that you feel must have been special in her life. End this conversation by expressing love and empathy for her. You can arrange the best get together you can arrange for her. Invite all the people who you think hold special positions in your Mother's life. Order a special cake for her and arrange a barbeque. Take your mother for a shopping spree and buy her all the things she had been longing for. You can also arrange a trip for both of you to some place of your momma's choice. Nothing else would touch her more than a hand made gift. Bake a cake for her. Design a card and make a wooden jewelry box for her. Create a small party place on your terrace and enjoy with your mom, and arrange a small get together with all your siblings and create a beautiful ambiance using old photo albums of her. Share your joys and your memories - laugh and enjoy your time together. At the end of your party gift your mother with the best family photograph you have, that too specially framed according to her choice.

Finally, this day celebration calls for the mood changers that your mother deserves, and the proper choice of gifts are what that you are to make sure about. When you wish to pamper your mothers with loads of gifts on the special occasion of Mothers Day, gift baskets make an excellent gift idea, something where RightShopping.in is just busy in exploring the master class acts. And today you do not need to go shopping for all the goodies one by one as there are several attractive Gift Baskets for mother available in any gift store around you. Most of these Mothers Day Gift Hampers and Mothers Day Gift Baskets are specifically designed at www.rightshopping.in/Gifts-Flowers-Delivery-India/index.asp and beautifully packaged to suit the occasion. No matter whether your wish wishes to stay within the domestic territory or go abroad, this is what RightShopping.in has organized for you. There are Serenades, Flowers, Gift Certificates and Jewelries to choose from. Choose the apt gift to send to India for your mother and make her feel special. Let her treasure these gifts for a longer period of time. Remember, you might be stepping towards your goal with not even a single second to spare. A pause at this moment might cost you a fortune. However, do remember that nothing in the world is as valuable as the glow on your Mother's cheeks and the smile on her face. So, pause for a moment, remember that special person who made you whom you are today. Your mom will proud of you in sparing your precious time for her.

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