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Define dazzle with Dell Venue Pro

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dell Venue Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 29,990
Our Price : Rs. 16,500

The Dell Venue Pro represents all that's good and all that's better with Windows Phone 7. On one hand you have a phone with a different form factor (one that incorporates a large touchscreen with a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard) that makes good use of a standardized OS that looks good and works well. However, on the other hand, the term "smartphoneOS" feels a little too heavy for Windows Phone 7- it feels oversimplified in areas where functionality is curbed thanks to an absence of options that go beyond the absolutely basic ones, but fortunately Dell Venue Pro has overcame it all. It seems that if you want to put "Pro" in the name of your Windows Phone handset you need to slap a physical keyboard on it too. First up, let’s get the Windows Phone stuff out of the way. Exactly that’s the same that RightShopping.in do believe in as well, and that’s the reason for which Dell Venue Pro is been gladly included into its smartphone specific genre. The old Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system may have been a clunky mess when it came to usability, but Windows Phone 7 is a whole different ball game. Microsoft has come up with something that looks modern, is visually appealing and refreshingly straightforward to use. The Live Tiles approach, where coloured blocks show you info like the number of unread emails and missed calls you have, works very well. There are also some clever touches here and there too, like holding down the camera button to jump straight to taking pictures even if the handset is in standby. This phone is a complete mixture- of the shiny and the subdued and of the glossy and the matte. The front panel of the phone has the 4.1 inch display flanked by the glossy black coloured finish. The touch based keys below the screen is classily lit. By the way, the screen is the Gorilla Glass type, which makes it extremely resistant to scratches. The rear panel has the finish which is similar to the one we used to see in the Dell XPS series of laptops- Dell’s roots coming to the fore here! Thankfully, this is the matte finish type, which makes this panel less prone to becoming a scratch and fingerprint magnet. The stripe of chrome along both side panels gives the phone a classy feel, but may end up looking faded or washed out in places after some time of use, particularly in the summers with sweaty palms. The phone, despite it being in the ‘big’ smartphone category, feels very comfortable to use. Fits well in the hand, and the non-glossy/non-slippery finish of the rear panel ensures that this one doesn’t slip about in your hand while using/typing. The Dell Venue Pro is equipped with GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi ensuring you are always able to connect to the Internet without any hassles. This phone has Bluetooth and a USB port facility to connect to other devices. The Venue Pro is essentially your office in your pocket. It has MMS, Email and Push Email along with work related applications like Document Viewer and Document Editor enabling you to work just as effectively as you would if you were sitting at your office desk. You can access social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter on this smartphone. This Dell phone is preloaded with a YouTube application that will keep you entertained. This phone also has A-GPS support telling you exactly where you are and guiding you to where you need to be. The fact that the Venue is powered by a 1GHz processor, this one stands among the more powerful phones available in the Android ecosystem. However, switch on the phone, and it doesn’t feel that way. Like other Android smartphone manufacturers, Dell has its own unique skin wrapped around the Venue. Called the StageUI, this one remains quite un-intrusive to the end user, despite having almost the same features/space as the Motorola MotoBlur or even the new Acer Breeze UI, seen on the Acer Liquid Metal. Multiple screens have lots of space to pin up the widgets. Apart from the traditional app widgets which come piggybacking with most Android apps, Dell has its own plethora of Dell Stage widgets on offer. Mails, messages, favorite contacts and gallery are some of the ones available.. It’s the phone that you will be desperate to have, and you have this page at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100000515&item=Dell%20Venue%20Mobile%20Phone to finish off your buying acts.

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