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Karbonn is offering super saver Boombox mobiles with mindblowing features

Friday, May 11, 2012

Karbonn K 550i Mobile Phone
Karbonn K406 Mobile Phone
Karbonn K111 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 3,390
Unit Price : Rs. 2,590
Unit Price : Rs. 2,690
Our Price : Rs. 2,499
Our Price : Rs. 1,990
Our Price : Rs. 2,195

All over the world scientists are working hard for the advancement of technology. Everyday new inventions are happening. In the past decade a rapid progression in the electronic devices has revolutionised our age and we can say that gradually we are entering into the technological era. Mobile phones being a pioneer of this process. This portable electronic telecommunication device is a real wonder and helps us to stay connected with our desired persons amidst our daily schedule. In our present time hectic scenario you cannot expect of a better companion than this. Whether be it discussing important official matters or sharing good moments mobile phones play the key role. Mobile phones are packed with other entertainment features also. It has become the easiest communication option for everyone. Nowadays you can hardly found a person who lacks mobile phone. Even it is common among underprivileged class people too. It has reached to the maximum height of popularity. Reviewing the present high demands of mobile among common people many new companies too are venturing into this business. New brands are becoming part of this highly popular gadget category. New companies are adopting new strategy to build up their very own ground in this highly competitive market.

By executing proper market survey and keeping an eye on the demands of the general people and by working out the marketing strategy in the most effective manner many new brands have started earning fair reviews and is gaining popularity in a much unpredictable way. These brands have successfully captured the local market and have done a commendable job. New arrived companies have geared up their aim to grab mass market. Thus these brands are offering you low cost mobiles that too with remarkable features and good service. Among the new brands Karbonn brand has become widely popular. It is providing its customers with innovative models that too in a highly affordable price. The brand Karbonn is merely 2years old as it was first launched in the year 2009. The target customers of the brand are mainly those with stringent budget. This brand prominently launches dual sim phones. Those who have double sims will be highly benefited by these models as they can easily avoid the hazards of handling double sets. And most importantly it will save your money too. This brand has popularised the dual sim concept among the Indian customers. Of late renowned mobile brands too have adopted the same business strategy that Karbonn has adopted long time back. Low-cost handsets, content, applications, innovation and the network are some of the worth mentioning factors that have aided the company to evolve as one of the most promising emerging mobile company. The hard to resist lucrative package is drawing more and more customers.

Brand Karbonn has a wide range of collection. But here we are discussing about the specifications of a few major and most popular models so that your concepts about the sets by this brand become doubtless. Karbonn K550i is a dual sim music centric phone with 4GB memory and with a distinct web browser that allows to access through your desired web pages. 2 megapixels camera of this model also allows you to capture all your special moments or helps you to explore your photographic talent. It enables to click nice snaps in the daylight. This mobile is a standard bar phone with a slim outfit allows it to slip it easily into your pocket or in your purse. Along with dual sim features integrated GPRS allows to browse whenever you want. Thus you don’t need to carry your laptop all the time or you don’t need to rush to the cafe to check your important mails. Bluetooth allows sharing data with other mobiles. Excellent battery life is yet another notable point. Don’t need to bother much about frequent charging problem. It also has FM radio feature that allows you to have an uninterrupted music session even if your stored songs fall short. Simple yet a highly efficient device that lessens your worries to a great extent

Can you imagine of a dual sim mobile with maximum 8GB expandable memory in a nominal cost?? Isn’t it sound impossible?? But to your utter surprise the answer is a big “Yes”. Karbonn K406 is the answer. It is yet another interesting representation from Karbonn brand. Highly reasonable model with bundle of power packed features that serves you much better than other branded phones available in this rate. More number of features makes the set scores ahead than other branded models. Common men can also relish the experience and the pleasure of a costly phone at this price. This model has a black finish with red borders at its contours. The keypad allows fast fuss free typing that means you will be able to type your messages easily and you need not to apply much pressure on your fingertips while doing this job. You won’t be having much problem even if you are handling mobiles for the first time because of its highly user-friendly interface. Quite a large memory space is good enough for storing your songs and other wallpapers, themes, videos and all. As it is provided with GPRS settings, it supports web browsing. A good entertaining partner and also plays the role of iPods. Also has praising battery life. A nice combined package that you can ever imagine of until you are using this.

Another classic looking dual sim mobile from this brand is Karbonn K111. This model has an elegant design with a nice build containing a whole lot of praiseworthy options. With all the essential features this model is available in an incredible amount. You won’t believe that this portable mini communicating device provides service at its best form with amazing features like 4GB storage capacity, Bluetooth, FM, games and many others. It contains a VGA camera that captures photos and also permits you video recording facility. Loaded with multimedia features it also allows playing games. As additional features this model also has torchlight, 500 phone book entries with voice recording facility. You will be able to carry on with your conversations with long long hours as it supports good battery life. A perfect model that gives mindblowing performance that will fully satisfy you.

If you still have some doubts in corner of your mind then do visit RightShopping.in. Though here more or less all important features of these three models are covered but still for checking out further details you may have a look at the attached links that will make your task easier. Karbonn is literally gifting you these wonderful models in the basic price. If you are looking for a low cost smart servicing mobiles then do consider this brand in the top of your priority list.

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