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LG looks to make a hot deal with LG Optimus GT540

Thursday, May 10, 2012

LG GT540 Optimus Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 13,500
Our Price : Rs. 12,599

Summer is definitely hotter with the style sense that you flaunt, and with your smartphone sizzle, you are armed with the perfect accessory that defines your style sense. The LG Optimus GT540 is the second smartphone with the platform by the manufacturer, and it comes in a quite futuristic form, kind of reminding us of the Batmobile. However, functionality and experience quality often come first in the users' wish lists. Get ready to see if the LG Optimus GT540 will ultimately rise victorious like a true Optimus Prime, or will eventually fall in the battle for the love of customers. Multimedia is one area LG phones have excelled in the past, and solid multimedia support would sure do a lot to improve our opinion of the Optimus. Unfortunately, multimedia functionality on this phone seems like an obligation fulfilled by LG, rather than a focus of the company's efforts. Technically, the Optimus is capable of taking photos, watching videos and playing audio, but there's nothing attractive about performing any of these tasks on this phone. The 3-megapixel camera takes washed-out, blurry photos with a strange yellow tinge that confuses its colour reproduction. The Optimus is capable of playing back a range of media files, but the HVGA (320x480) resolution screen is mostly underwhelming when videos play, making all of our stored video files look like crumby streaming video from YouTube. Email is fully covered by the Optimus, with the option to add webmail, ISP and MS Exchange accounts for business users. There's also a dedicated Gmail app, as there is on all Android devices. Social networking is one area LG attempts something unique, featuring an SNS tool for storing all of your account details and feeding you updates through one central, cleanly-designed message hub. LG is really walking a knife edge with these resistive touchscreens it places in its smartphones. First the GW620, now the Optimus. The 3" panel in the GT540 is definitely one of the better resistive screens we have used, but the experience can by no means be compared to that of the increasingly popular capacitive displays. Anyway, at least the image quality is very good, not only because of the utilized HVGA resolution, which works great on that screen size, but also thanks to the very rich and saturated colors.The South Korean manufacturer has utilized both touch-sensitive and physical keys for the control scheme of the LG Optimus GT540. Right below the display you have resistive menu and back keys, while below them are situated the physical send, home and end buttons. Thankfully, they are all nice and easy to use. The same goes for the search key and camera shutter on the lower right, but the volume rocker, which is situated on the left is just a bit on the harder-to-press side. There's also a dedicated camera button, volume rockers and mini USB port located on the sides of the device and a 3.5mm jack situated on top for all your musical needs.Although the LG Optimus GT540 runs on Android 1.6, which traditionally only allows three home screens, the LG UI allows you to add up to seven. You can customise these with all the widgets, apps, bookmarks, folders and contacts you like. Granted, Android 1.6 Donut may be fairly old now, but it's still a nice OS to use and has enough features and quirks to keep anyone new to the platform interested for a good long while. Definitely a great budget phone in smartphone genre that RightShopping.in has brought in. It’s the LG way to celebrate your fashion consciousness, and this LG specific page at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100000203&item=LG-GT540-Optimus-Mobile-Phone is your address to give a shot at.

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