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Nokia sports a range of smartphones that can be the absolute choice of any multitasker

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nokia E6-00 Mobile Phone
Nokia X7 Mobile Phone
Nokia N8 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 19,019
Unit Price : Rs. 22,829
Unit Price : Rs. 20,759
Our Price : Rs. 17,060
Our Price : Rs. 21,932
Our Price : Rs. 18,875

“Mobile Phones” are the greatest gift of technology that has brought communication within our grips. Drastical changes of the technology are well-marked with the gradual changes and upgradation of the mobile phone models. Mobile phones have emerged to be the most popular invention and has turned out to be the most indispensable electronic gadget in our daily life. Mobile phones are modified updated telecommunication device which is not required to be connected with a wire to the telephone network. In addition to the normal standard voice call facilities, mobile phones also allows to send and receive text messages, packet switching for access to the Internet, and MMS for sending and receiving photos and videos. Though actually it was invented for convenience and mobility purposes but as days have passed a perfect blend of technology and style and creativity has taken place. Thus smart stylish looking mobiles with updated technology are appearing in the scene. All mobile haunches have geared themselves up with more and more attractive models to grab customer attention and so that they can keep a hold over the market. Of all the several renowned brands in the market NOKIA has topped the list. Like the punch line of Nokia that says “Connecting PeopleNokia has been able to reach among people of all standards. Other than low cost mobile phones for the common mass it has also brought in many high range models too for the elite class or for those who prefer technologically advanced yet stylish looking mobiles.

Nokia was the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones in 2011. Nokia has played a pioneering role in the growth of cellular technology in India, starting with the first-ever cellular call a decade ago, made on a Nokia mobile. In the year 1995 Nokia has first started its operations in India. After passing more than a decade this company has expanded manifold and has emerged as a tycoon in the mobile world. Nokia has recently launched quite a few models of smartphones like Nokia N8, X7 that are multifunctional and is equipped with touchscreen mechanism. Nokia E6-00 is yet another smartphone model but instead of touchscreen facility it features QWERTY keypad. All the three models have earned good reputation in the market. Nokia E6-00 is the continuation of the existing E-series. It is the successor of the Nokia E-72 model. With the latest and improved Symbian OS the Nokia E6-00 has a physical keypad mainly aimed for the business class. Perfect choice for those users who are not much comfortable with touchscreen mechanism. It gives the same experience that you have while typing on your laptops or in computers. Also a great choice for the computer freaks who desire that their mobiles too will be mini replica of computer. You don’t need to press the same keys for number of times to get your desired output. You will have a pleasant experience while handling E6-00. Looking for a discrete smartphone?? Then it is the right answer with the top-notch finish. The keypad allows fuss-free typing. Though it has QWERTY keypad still the screen is touch sensitive. Right to say touch and type facility combined in the same phone. With 8 megapixels camera this mobile serves the purpose of a digicam. The E6 records video in 720p HD resolution. It has 8GB memory which is expandable till 32GB allowing you to capture as many images you want and videos that you want to shoot. The web browser allows loading pages in a fast pace. With a great battery life and audio features Nokia E6-00 will definitely win the hearts of all QWERTY phone users.

Next is the turn of yet another popular smartphone in the block-Nokia X7. The model has a unique design with a robust frame. It is rightfully carrying the flagship of the smartphone from Nokia. Wide 4 inch display with highly responsive touch sensitivity gives you a high definition experience. The touch function is pretty smooth and while entering data the full on keypad pops up in the screen. The cut away grill present in the four corners of the chassis is the signature design of this particular Nokia smartphone. The main attraction of the mobile is its 8 megapixels camera with dual LED flash with a greater illuminating capacity that enhances the picture clarity. The camera has many detailed feature like face recognition ability and 2x zoom. This phone can work uninterruptedly for pretty long hours that mean satisfying battery life. Worthy for playing games too and you will have a thrilling time while you are playing games on this set. It has maintained the ageold connection of Nokia with the mobile games. All types of multmedia facilities are present in this set. Nokia X7 is touted as the ultimate gaming and entertainment smartphone as it comes with some pre-installed games. The device also offers a wonderful musical experience as they smoothly scroll through their music collection. A high quality mobile with nice build features has made X7 the most wanted mobile.

Here comes Nokia N8!! Another smartie in the block that has drawn all the attention in its first appearance. Nokia has done a fabulous job in the form of N8. The design has close resemblance with Nokia X7. When comes to features it is far more ahead than other Nokia smartphones. Best feature of this smartie is its 12 megapixel camera. No other model yet is available in the market that will be its competitor. This high pixel quality has made it equivalent to a standard digital camera. You can easily explore your photographic tryst with this mobile in hand. Fully touchscreeen technology allows avoiding the typing hazards. This mobile also serves the purposes of a laptop as it is well equipped with WiFi feature that allows staying connected. N8 is the multitasker in true sense. It is a perfect combo-pack of mobile, laptop and camera. All mobile features including SMS, MMS are present here. A mobile that serves all purposes at a time. An amazing device- a true wonder mobile a to say of in brief with astounding features.

Aren’t you interested about Nokia smartphones?? With a mobile like this in your hand you will feel much smarter. This mobile not only will make you smarter but will be a great portable companion of yours. For all other details and to check out the price go and have a look in RightShopping.in.

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