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Titan presents cool Octane collection for the trendy men of modern era

Friday, May 25, 2012

Titan Octane 9208SM02 Watch
Titan Octane 9211SM02 Watch
Titan Octane 9209SM02 Watch
Titan Octane 9209 SM01 Watch
Unit Price: Rs. 7,000
Unit Price: Rs. 7,500
Unit Price: Rs. 7,500
Unit Price: Rs. 7,500
Our Price : Rs. 6,300
Our Price : Rs. 6,750
Our Price : Rs. 6,750
Our Price : Rs. 6,750
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Centuries ago dated to the days of our great great ancestors when there was no existence of watches, time was detected based on the position of the sun in the sky. Gradually things changed and men became scientifically well-versed and then clocks and watches appeared in the scene. The chronological events resulted in the evolution of the modern day trendy watches. Gone are the older days, cut to modern era. Watches have traveled a long way to reach to their present stage. Previously manually operated wristwatches were much in use but in the 20th century they were gradually replaced by electromagnetic quartz watches. It has made using watches all the more easier. No need to worry about winding up. It sets the time automatically. In the present digital era the main purpose of the watches is to maintain time, date, month and years. But modern day watches have much more significance apart from time keeping. They have emerged as the important indispensable style accessory-for both men and women. Like with every other thing watches too have evolved along with time. The once existing plain Jane wristwatches have now turned all the more glamorous with its classic looking straps be it metallic or leather or with extremely cool and trendy water resistant bands. People are nowadays well concerned about the style and design of watches too. Watches reflect our personality. As the watch manufacturers realised the significance of watches in the life of modern day men, they too started designing watches for specific purposes. Like now there are sports watches, water resistant watches for diving and also watches for suitable occasions. Ornamental watches for special events or ceremonies and also there are casual and formal watches good for office-goers and also while hanging around with friends.

Titan is an age old company that almost captured the Indian watch market since ages. It is still maintaining its tradition and reputation with great efficiency. Many other internationally acclaimed watch companies have also appeared in the scenario but that has hardly affected Titan. Titan has also bagged the award of the most prestigious watch brand. Not only it has revolutionised the watch market but also has brought in quality of world class standards which is unparalleled by other brands in India. It is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer and India’s leading producer with a vast range of sub brands under its belt. Titan Octate first came into existence in the year 2008. Of course it belongs to the elite class of watches. Octane is a highly charismatic collection of watches. A new chronographic collection for men that will be an impressive addition to the fashion statement of metro sexual men. This sub brand is positioned to consist of chronographs, multifunctional and watches with retrograde quality. Thus it is named as Octane. This collection represents speed, power and energy through bold designs. Octane discloses the raw passion present within men. Retrograde series comprises of simple designs but still bears a strong trait of masculinity. Titan Octane Chronograph watches have trendy urbanised look that will serve as a perfect accessory for modern day smarties. Men are not much into styling but still they are very much particular about their watches. Preference of technologically cool watchestops their wish list. Specially for the youth generation or for those men belonging to the age groups of late twenty or thirties Titan Octane will certainly be the obvious choice. Flaunts delicacy elegance and style in a perfect way that one can dream about. These watches bring out the independent spirit of a man and make him confident enough to explore new horizons. Vibrant colours of the dial and bands offer many options. The fine interplay of satin and polished finishes is visible in the bracelets. The curved mineral glass lends it an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Retrograde watch doesn't just refer to the time - you can have retrograde date, day of the week, seconds, etc.; it just means that, as you say, at the end of the travel of the pointer it jumps back rather than continuing its travel. Chronograph watches are special type of watches that can measure time in different manner than the normal time-keeping process. Previously chronograph used to serve the purpose of stopwatch. In present times these are used for specific time measurement. For this, the dial has several sub dials with a scale, from which the measurements can be read. Octane Chronograph thus will be the absolute choice for the sportsperson. These watches will revive your sport loving spirit within yourself.

Thus Titan Octane range watches are latest world class category watches that has raised the glory of Titan to a greater extent. Attention all men do have a look at these Octane models. RightShopping.in site offers you many options allowing selecting your ideal model.

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