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Fun and frolics that Micromax Funbook adds to your Tablet experience

Monday, June 18, 2012

Micromax Funbook Tablet
Unit Price : Rs. 7,999
Our Price : Rs. 6,395

The trend has changed, as far as charging the too hi-fi price tags are concerned. The tablets are maintaining the Sub 10K price point but the biggest addition in terms of features is Google’s latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, and Micromax Funbook is the one that you’ll love to count on. Just like other budget tablets in the market, the Funbook has an all-plastic build. But it is put together well. Design elements like faux aluminum coating on back cover make it look good. The tablet has a 7-inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 800x480 mega pixels. The compact size, rounded edges and weight of around 350 grams make it very portable. A mini USB port, which supports pen drives and 3G dongles when used with an adapter, which Micromax is bundling with the tablet, is placed at the bottom along with 3.5mm jack, charging port, HDMI and microSD card slot. Funbook is powered by a 1.2Ghz Cortex A8 processors. For graphics duty, it has two Mali 400 GPUs. Theoretically, this means that when it comes to processing 2D and 3D graphics, in the level of those best-seller Android phones that has 4 Mali 400 chips. There is 512MB RAM, a VGA front camera, 4GB internal storage and support for up to 32GB microSD card. While benchmarks never tell the whole story about a device, we ran two on Micromax Funbook for some, ahem, fun. It scored 2446 points in Antutu and 1722 points in Quadrant. Thanks to Google's decision to make Android 4.0 open-source (unlike Honeycomb), the budget tablet makers no longer have to install FroYo or Gingerbread on their tablets. So, Micromax Funbook comes with Android 4.0.3. The presence of ICS itself improves one's perception of the tablet but in reality the performance is sub-par. During our brief usage, the tablet hung frequently and we saw several 'force closes'. Funbook takes 3-5 seconds to wake up from sleep, which made us believe many a times that the device had run out of charge, only for the screen to come up. While Android 4.0 provides great user interface, the crippled hardware dampens the whole user experience on Micromax Funbook. We even performed factory reset to try the tablet from scratch but there was little-to-no improvement in the lag or sluggishness that we had been facing. If you are one of the patient ones and don't care about the hiccups, Funbook has a lot to offer - it gives a versatile multimedia playback support and even the browsing experience is decent. Company has also attempted to target students with the pre-loaded educational content, which is certainly an added advantage. The touch sensitivity is surprisingly nice on the tablet and even supports multi-touch input. However pinch-to-zoom is laggy at-times. Unlike many other budget tablets, Micromax Funbook also comes with the Google Play store along with company's own appstore, so you will not have any issues in getting apps for your device. Company app store also offers multimedia content along with the apps, part of which is free for users, but for others you will have to pay. In terms of the pre-loaded apps, Funbook features Aldiko, Documents to Go, Zenga Live TV, and Super HD Play.

True, that despite the fact that Micromax Funbook comes with plethora of features, it is the user experience that mars the deal, and at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100011523&item=Micromax%20Funbook%20Tablet you are getting it all, from RightShopping.in service.

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