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Highly impacting HTC One V is what that you’ll trust upon

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HTC One V Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 19,999
Our Price : Rs. 17,395

The HTC One V is sitting pretty in the mid-range of Android smart phones. It's not a phone for those chasing the biggest bragging rights. But if you have less cash to splash and more modest mobile needs, then this phone should catch your eye, not least because it looks very fine indeed. It also comes with ICS as standard, something that sets it apart from its mid-range Android fellows. Design is one of the real strengths of the HTC One V, especially when put alongside some of the rivals that are predominantly plastic. By contrast, the HTC One V is a solid device both aesthetically and physically. The anodised metal finish of the body can be a little slippery at times, but HTC avoids the worst of it thanks to these subtle design flourishes. Launching as an Ice Cream Sandwich device, the HTC One V offers three capacitive controls across the bottom of the display: back, home and recent apps. In terms of physical controls you have a volume rocker on the right-hand side and the standby button on the top. The Micro-USB connection allows for charging or data transfer. This is the conventional arrangement for the One series devices, but on this bottom rung device you'll find another difference. The HTC One V uses a regular SIM and has a microSD card slot, so you can easily expand the internal storage over the minimal 4GB that the phone comes with. The really telling points on the spec sheet, however, lie deeper within. The single-core 1GHz processor is now rather dated and the 512MB of RAM sets out this phone with some limitations. Then there is the loss of the front-facing camera and the drop down to a 5-megapixel sensor on the back, also missing out on Full HD video capture. The camera restrictions are less of a limitation in the real world, but with aging hardware powering the phone, it's not going to be the greatest multimedia companion out there, something you'll perhaps notice as the life of your phone rolls on. HTC Sense, as it always has done, tinkers with just about every facet of Android 4.0. The result is that the HTC One V feels every inch an HTC device, while still giving you access to some of the latest features. One of the biggest and most immediate changes is the arrangement of the launch bar across the bottom of the customisable home pages. The camera interface is one area that has seen a refresh, now offering a cleaner UI than previous HTC devices. The biggest change is to offer both photo and video buttons at the same time so you can instantly capture either. At the same time, settings have moved over to the left, so everything is tidier than previously. You also get continuous shooting by holding the photo button, as well as continuous or touch Auto Focus. With plenty of options to tweak, and modes to explore, the camera is fast to focus and capture images. The results are good too in decent light, but like other camera phones, low light images get noisy quickly and the flash doesn't do much to improve things. With a compact form and that neat chin, the HTC One V makes a comfortable phone for calling, although the top edge can be a little sharp across your ear. The external speaker on the rear - finished with the neat micro-drilled holes characteristic of the One series devices - is also loud and clear. Something amazing you’ll referring it as, and RightShopping.in gives you the opportunity to get it.

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