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It’s the low cost yet ever reliable BSNL service that BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet generates

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BSNL Penta IS703 Advance Tablet
Unit Price : Rs. 7,000
Our Price : Rs. 6,499

Pantel and BSNL have collaborated to bring the lowest cost Tablet PC solutions mainly for the students. Pantel, Computer Hardware Company based at NOIDA (India), has manufactured the devices and the tablets will be sold with discounted BSNL data plans. If you’re a student, you can enter an exclusive offer if you purchase, buy or book BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet. The offer ensures that a student can recover almost 100% of the cost of the tablet within 18 months of use! You can enter the offer just by paying a little more than the actual price and can get your tab preloaded with BSNL 2G Data plan at a nominal cost per month. Now looking at the specification details, if you can stand the low cost parameter, BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet is definitely the one you could start up with. The Penta T-Pad IS701R is Android based & comes with a light price tag within the 5k range .It comes with a 7” resistive TFT touch screen & is controlled with a single finger touch mode. This tablet works on Android 2.3(Gingerbread) operating system & is powered by a 1.3 GHz A10 cortex A8 processor and 1GB of RAM .It comes with a 7” resistive TFT touch screen & is controlled with a single finger touch mode. The touch screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels & a 16:9 aspect ratio. BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet equips a 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. It has a 8GB internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB by micro SD card. BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet has only one means of connectivity, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with HDMI for plug & play in LCD & LED HDTV & it comes with a normal VGA front camera for video chat & conferencing. This descent looking tablet has similar appearance to that of other tablets in the market but looks good taking it’s specifications into account. It has a plastic texture & provides firm grip. The touch looks average & swipe response was far ahead from mere satisfying, if you consider the price tag that BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet is defined with .While defining the internet connectivity, , it has WiFi, Bluetooth and a USB dock for file transfer. BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet has both mini and regular USB ports. Hence, you can enjoy content from removable storages like your pen drive as well. Besides, it has an HDMI output to let you enjoy content on your television. This lucrative supports the Android market & helps to download & install Google Android apps. The tablet supports all popular formats ranging from documents to media playback. The Internet experience is enjoyable with emails & social networking at your fingertips. BSNL Penta IS703 Tablet is cool & satisfactory considering the price tag it bears. A better choice for new tablet users. You got the perfect partner to start up your first ever tablet operation in the form of this low cost product, and you have RightShopping.in to get you into that. The address at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100011536&item=BSNL Penta IS703 Advance Tablet not just brings you the product at the lucrative discount prices, you are assured of the safe and timely delivery of the same as well.

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