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Philips to let you perceive its comeback with Philips X518

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Philips X518 Mobile Phone
Unit Price : Rs. 5,976
Our Price : Rs. 5,276

It’s a welcome break for Philips in the mobile market, only to come back fresh and stronger than before. Riding on its Xenium flagship, means a gift in Latin, Philips has made a comeback, and Philips X518 promises to offer you exactly what you expect of a smartphone. The X518 comes in an all-black finish with a silver lining at the bottom with the word ‘Xenium’ embossed on it. The entire exterior of the phone is glossy and the back especially is prone to fingerprints. There are three physical buttons at the bottom for call, home and end, which also doubles up as the power button. The feel of the buttons is quite plasticy and cheap and the button feedback isn’t standard. The right consists of the dedicated camera button and volume rocker while there’s the mini USB charging port on the right. The phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, which means that both, the charger as well as the headphones need to be connected to the mini USB slot. The Xenium X518 is a Java phone and its interface is extremely quick responsive. Add to it the great resolution of the phone (240 x 320) and a fabulous resistive touchscreen and you’ve got a exciting user experience, as your end result. More often than not you’ll have to tap the screen really hard with the stylus for it to register your touch. The home screen comes with a range of widgets and shortcuts for calendar, clock, Bluetooth, FM and music, but it doesn’t slows down the phone even more, so they are certainly additional usefulness that you’ll be wishing to get it. Navigating through the menu screen just once shows the example of the whole processing speed. The X518 receives a thumbs up for the interface because it mainly contributes to the acceptance of the phone. For the media compatibility side, there goes the list, of which the presence of a pretty standard music player tops the list – followed by the repeat, shuffle, track titles, volume bar and the forward, rewind buttons. It comes with eight preset equalizer settings and they work pretty well, but we’d recommend you listen to music at a few notches lower than the max volume because the clarity tends to get a little distorted. MP3, WAV, AMR, MIDI and AAC audio formats are supported. Music via the headphones is pretty clear and loud. The highs are a little sharp, but the audio quality dished out by the X518 is quite nice, and that’s one of the few highlights of the phone. The phone supports MP4, 3GP and H.263 video formats at a resolution of 176 x 144. Video playback is quite limited due to the screen size and it’s resolution, so we wouldn’t recommend you use this phone as your primary video playback device. Lastly, the FM radio works, like you’d expect it to and it’s got a good reception range. Certain reasons that you’ll definitely give a shot to this set, and RightShopping.in comes to give you exactly that. You have the address at www.rightshopping.in/g/p_d.asp?pid=GD100010904&item=Philips%20X518%20Mobile%20Phone to click at.

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