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Splash of Colours Painting Colourful Images of Love with Gifts

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It is the time to say “Rang Barse” with “gulal” in hands for every Indian. The festival of colour is back with all its merriment and fun. Holi is one of the most popular and major festivals of India. In this Land of Festival this particular occasion is celebrated normally during the month of Phalgun according to the Indian colour. During springtime nature decks up in new form with fresh new leaves and blossoms. Eventually this Festival of Colour too is celebrated during this spring season. Colours seem to blend well with natural colours. Colours of happiness is spread everywhere almost in every corner of India.

As we catch a glimpse of the past we will see that the beginning of the celebration dates back to centuries ago. The word “Holi” is being derived from the word Holika. As per the legend says demon king Hiranyakashipu made an attempt to burn his son Prahlad as he was the worshipper of Lord Vishnu. He ordered the people of his kingdom to worship him as a God. But his son was an exceptional. Hiranyakashipu summoned her sister to sit in the fire with Prahlad in her lap. She was blessed with a charm that prevented her from getting burned as she entered into fire. But both the brother and sister dup had forgotten the fact that she could save herself only if she was alone. As a consequence Holika was burnt to death and Prahlad was saved as he was chanting the name of Lord Vishnu. Many other mythology and stories are also being discussed as the reason of Holi celebration. Like RaasLeela performed by Lord Krishna along with his devotees in Vrindavan also signifies celebration of Holi. This festival defines the fact that joy and happiness are also part of the spirituality.

Holi is not only one of the prime Indian festivals but it is also the most vibrant occasion also. It is celebrated not only all over India but is also celebrated across the globe also. In rural India it is more popular as Basant Utsav. This festival is celebrated all through India with immense enthusiasm. Turn your heads round and the only thing that grabs your attention is “Colours”. Pichkaris, Gulal, Abeer are the main ingredients of this colourful festival. For this particular day everyone comes out of their black and white life adding colours of happiness and love in their lives. On this particular day people even bond up with their long lasting enemy also. This day is beyond any form of enmity. RightShopping.in wishes all its customers “Happy Holi” with lots of colours and gifts. Spread happiness all around with the touch of online services.

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Nokia Lumia 920: The World’s Most Innovative Smart Phone

Friday, March 15, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Mobile Phone
Rs. 41639
Our Price : Rs. 37486

Nokia is serving the mobile users for quite a long time. This Finland based company has turned out to be the most preferred and extremely popular Mobile brand throughout the world. Nokia has created a strong customer ground in these long years with its faithful services. Electronic Gadgets have turned so popular in recent times with smart touch of technology. Mobiles seem to be the most booming sector of this gadget world and Nokia is one of the most prominent and fittest surviving major mobile brands. Mobile Phones are the latest craze and passion of the modern men and women. The one common thing between school going kids to the working professionals is mobiles. In every country and among all nation mobiles seem to be the connecting pulse. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari Nokia tunes ring everywhere proudly materializing their punch line of “Connecting People” into reality. Nokia has presented its consumers and users with lots of sturdy, durable and fancy looking sets. Now is the genre of smartphone. In this highly competitive scenario Nokia too is facing tough competition from other existing brands in the market. So to prove its best Nokia has hit back the smartphone market with Windows enabled Lumia series of smartphone. Nokia Lumia 920 is the latest edition of this particular series.

This is rightly tagged by Nokia as “The World’s Most Innovative Smart Phone”. Packed with so many fantastic and extremely useful features, this phone seems to be the best choice and the perfect class of smartphone. Nokia has retained its reputation and pride as it unveils the Windows 8 updated Nokia Lumia 920. It is one of the most technically exciting models that is available in recent times. As of to describe the looks of this model Nokia has preferred to stick to the signature look of the Lumia series. The appearance of the phone will assure you that it is one of the highly efficient Lumia models. Apart from other interesting features this model comes with sunlight readability enhancements that prevents. The screen automatically manages light as you view the screen of the mobile under broad daylight. Nokia Lumia comes with an excellent quality camera of 8.7 megapixels enables you to capture realistic images with fantastic image quality. It comes with touch-to-focus camera with shutter mechanism. While shooting in low light the camera does a fairly good job of exposing. With Nokia Lumia connect with the entire world in the fascinating way with networking services like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiFi that helps you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, It comes with 32GB storage space. It comes with a great battery backup.

Be the proud owner of a Windows8 phone! RightShopping.in has this model in its store. Online services are really beneficial. Simply order the item of your choice and it will reach to your doorsteps within a short period. Also online shoppers are being credited with discounts also. Take a look in the address of this online store www.rightshopping.in one and have a detailed look of the products. If you have any query regarding delivery information then simply pay a visit in this site. Smart choices are really appreciated! UYou will be having unlimited fun with this features studded Mobile.

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The latest wonder BlackBerry 10 is built to keep you moving

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Mobile Phone
Rs. 43490
Our Price : Rs. 41995

BlackBerry appears with a brand new look. Finally BlackBerry too joins the touchscreen legacy. The world of touchscreen is rocked with the entry of this mobile giant in a grand way. Regular users of BlackBerry must be in shock as they reveal the new look of their new model. BlackBerry reminds us of sturdy sets with grand services and most importantly with its QWERTY keypad special appearance. BlackBerry has been active in the market for quite a long time. In all these years a familiar image of BlackBerry has been gradually developed in the minds of people. The latest model is far different from this persisting image. Thus it is a big as well as welcoming surprise for the BlackBerry admirers. BlackBerry is immensely popular among the hardcore professionals and among the people working in the corporate sector. But now common men too are comfortable with the services of BlackBerry. The latest model seems to be well proficient for both the professionals as well as for normal users. The latest sensation of BlackBerry is named as “BLACKBERRY Z10” as it is loaded with BlackBerry 10 Operating System. This latest edition comes loaded with lots of smart and extremely useful features. This new Operating System was launched very recent in January 30, 2013 for the new BlackBerry ventures.

BlackBerry is best known for its BBM services, which are BlackBerry Messenger, which allows exchanging encrypted instant messages, voice notes, images and videos using their BlackBerry PIN. Now take a look of this new model of Blackberry Z10. The captivating design of this model is really stunning. This model maintains the personal and professional profiles of the person separately. It maintains the privacy of your personal life. At the same time the data of your work can also be stored in a secured way. Two different worlds are being combined within this one model. It is interesting as well as very useful also. With the invention of newer editions of mobiles connectivity is being offered in its best form. Even if we are away from the most important persons of our lives stay calm and don’t worry as you can connect with them at any time and any moment with the smart collections of Mobiles. BlackBerry Z10 has moved ahead of other existing models in the market by combining the personal as well as professional uses in a single platform. Great to hear and as well one will be having fantastic experiences as they use this interesting model.

Stay connected with your dear ones through the latest network services like EDGE, 3G, and WiFi and be in touch with the familiar social networking grounds like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Share your work data as well as music, videos and store them in Z10 which comes with 16GB memory that can be extended up to 64bGB. This model comes with a solid battery supports that can work at a stretch for long hours. It comes with smart and well performing processor with 2GB RAM and 4.2 inches capacitive touchscreen. Also 8 mega pixels camera of the set comes with 5x zoom with host of interesting camera features that helps you to capture wonderful realistic and lively images. Now online shopping is much more beneficial and also time saving and money saving too. First of all you can simply have your desirable products with few clicks of mouse and again online stores offer their consumers with attractive discounts frequently.

RightShopping.in has the latest BlackBerry sensation Z10 in its store. It delivers this much hyped model within a week to several locations within India. Again 30 days replacement guarantee is also available. Better you visit www.rightshopping.in for having a clear idea about the products and delivery system. Also all other queries popping up within your heads will be cleared by the information supplied by the online store.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: Smartphone Experience Redefined

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Samsung Grand Duos i9082 Mobile Phone
Rs. 22990
Our Price : Rs. 20297

Life seems to be so pleasant when our loving ones get connected with us and share their deep sorrow and happiness with us. Communication as in the modern era became so easy and simple. This all honor undoubtedly goes to the advancement of the new technology in the field of telecommunication. There are lots of means of communication which help people to get in touch with their loved ones. Among all the vast world of Mobile is also a big factor. Today as in the modern generation mobile phone plays crucial role in the development of human personality, Samsung Mobile Phone brand is not a part from this. As we know that Samsung took a specified place in the fields of Mobile manufacturing brands. Samsung launched for its users a wide collection of mobile phones that full fill the desire of people of all belonging. The new launched Samsung Grand Duos i9082 Mobile Phone which comes with many impressive features and applications that sure draw the attention of the common people.

This new Samsung Grand Duos i9082 Mobile Phone is a Dual Sim phone with touch screen, which supports two separate GSM connections at the same time and runs on latest version of Android operating system software. It has long and powerful battery back up. There are two cameras in this new launched phone, primary and secondary. Primary camera is 8 mega pixels of high resolution and secondary camera is 2 mega pixels. With the help of primary camera you can catch Full HD Video recording of 1920 X 1080p at 30 frames per second. Now you can also capture photo or video recording even in the faint light as Led Flash facility is given in this phone.

Now you can get connected with your loved ones no matter where you are. This new launched phone gives you 2G and 3G supports, Internet connection with tremendous speed, Google maps, WiFi, and Bluetooth which help you to get in touch with your friends and loved through the social site like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, and Gmail. These features and applications enable you to share your emotion and love with your friends in just a while. You can also enjoy a wide collection of Music and HD Movies with this phone as it has 8GB internal memory and upto 64GB expandable memory. This device also comes with many admirable features like Auto Focus, Geo-tagging, Touch Focus and Face detection which are very advance in technology. It has a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and has a RAM of 1 GB, which gives phone woks in the best proper ways.

Now you must have a desire to enjoy these fantastic and impressive features of this Mobile Phone. RightShopping.in is here to help you. This online store gives a wide collection of new Samsung Mobile Phones, which comes with various unique features and applications that you need in your daily life. Just go through our online site www.rightshopping.in and select your choice. This online site delivers your selected items to your mentioned destination across Indian and also all over the world. Now don’t let your heart to kill the time by just thinking over. It’s time to go and catch the happiness as it came in the form of a new Samsung Grand Duos i9082 Mobile Phone.

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